1:1 Coaching

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1:1 Coaching

Here at CrossFit Chiltern we pride ourselves on the quality of our group coaching and we know that this alone will provide you with amazing improvements in your health and fitness. However there is a huge benefit in having 1:1 coaching with us here too.

·         Tailored programming – Your coach can work specifically on areas that your need/want to improve. For example if you‘d like to develop your glutes then the coach can providing workouts that target these and giving you homework can help to see faster results in these areas. Alternatively you may have a need to work more on your ability to sustain longer endurance workouts or other energy systems. These workouts can be structured to get you the best results

·         Injury prevention and movement improvement – With the benefit of more time to spend observing your coach can really bring movements more down to the specifics and find ways to make you move better in certain movements. Allowing you to move more weight, move faster and most importantly using the correct muscles safely. I’ll often video client’s movements to really dig deep into their movement patterns.

·         Skill acquisition – If you have specific skills, you’d like to obtain then working 1:1 is the fastest way to achieve these. Some skills we may only work in class occasionally and therefore the learning process can be accelerated with your coach. They can identify whether it’s a strength, skill or mobility issue or a combination of all three. Then work on this using drills and other exercises to move you towards that skill.

·         Nutrition guidance – You can get more detailed information on your diet and nutrition which is so crucial in obtaining body composition goals and reaching peak performance.

·         Improved accountability – Your coach will be keeping you accountable for sticking to your nutrition, coming to train and doing your homework.

I know the value of what we provide at CrossFit Chiltern from both group and one to one coaching. I truly believe that we can find a way to get anyone to be their fittest self and I hope that you are giving everything to your training and nutrition to give you the best chance of success.

I hope these 30 days of emails have been useful and I’m always looking to give more information to people to help them get fitter, happier and healthier so if you have any questions, you’d like answered please let me know. Jeremy@crossfitchiltern.com

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