5 gymnastics moves you should do with a coach

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5 gymnastics moves you should do with a coach

While there are many exercises you can do on your own, either at home or at the gym, there are a few movements that you should consider getting right with your trainer first, particularly in terms of safety and to avoid injury.

Here are Roman's five exercises which you should consider trying out with your coach first...

Hand stand

If youjust starting to learn HS you should do this with coach in the box. It’s really important to hold mid-line stabilization and lock the elbows. Your posture should be strong and straight. It’s really easy to hurt yourself. With someone experienced you will improve faster and stay safe.

<img src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56f011b53c44d8f06542d42b/1479991403937-21Y12CY9YFVFBDHPARRZ/handstand" alt="handstand" />

HS-walk Or HSPU

This is the next step after achieving perfect control in hand stand. Once again coach support is extremely important! It’s hard to find a space to practice at home but no worries guys:  Coach is waiting for you in the box! Walls and floors are waiting for your hands and heels :)


One of the biggest “wanna be” in CrossFit goals. This is one of the most difficult gymnastic exercises.  If you want to do one muscle up on a gymnastic rings you need to exhibit big power when we talking about strict MU. Keeping MU is a combination of power and technique. With kipping you are able to do more reps and generate bigger power output/ like with keeping pull-ups/. Clues and demo made by coach help you to learn this move faster than on your own.

T2B- toes to bar

Your position on the pull up bar is really important. Control and mastery of your own body weight are needed to perform  strict t2b. In kipping motion you need to control technique , coordination and the rhythm. You can practice knee raising at home on the bar or on the floor.

Many technical elements need to be done in good form. By practicing with coach guidance you will learn quickly without any bad habits.

Rope Climb

Probably most of you don’t have rope attached at height of6m at home. If you have short rope you can practice standing up from the floor using  your arms. But when we are talking about 6 meters rope climb it’s better and safer  to do this in the box. Coach will explain the technique  to do it and will perform  demo climb for you and correct your mistakes if needed. I’m sure you will feel confident near to the ceiling and all the way down.

The choice of the exercise that  you would like to perform at  home depends of your experience  level. However it is always worth to acquire or  refresh your skills with your coach in the safe box environment.

See you at CrossFit Chiltern soon! Roman - CrossFit Chiltern Coach

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