Are you doing only doing half CrossFit?

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Are you doing only doing half CrossFit?

- - Today's video, I'm talking about whether you're doing CrossFit fully Today's talk CrossFit, are you doing it 100%, or are you doing half CrossFit. When Greg Glassman describes fitness in a hundred words, he starts his first paragraph is entirely about the nutrition side of it about what you should be eating, and I think a lot of people when they're doing CrossFit, all they're doing is the exercise element, and they're not doing anything regarding nutrition, which is why they're not going to get maximum results from what they're doing because they're not doing CrossFit they're doing the exercise part of CrossFit.

You need to look at your nutrition you want to get maximize your results, and your performance. Not just about body composition but obviously that is a factor if you're heavier, you're going to be slower, if you're carrying too much body fat, you're going to be less healthy, and you're not going to be able to do some of the movements- body weight movements- to your maximum efficiency, so you do need to be looking at that, in terms of body composition and size, because that will make a difference to your performance in addition to that though, you've also got to make sure you're taking on enough micro and macro nutrients when you're training, because, if you're not getting enough protein, you're not going to get- the muscles are not going to develop as well as they should do, you're also going to be more lethargic you're not going to be able to recover as quickly, so just one macro nutrient that you're not getting enough of can make a big difference, if you're getting too much sugar in your diet, then are you doing everything you can to prevent chronic disease, which is one of the main principles of CrossFit,

It’sgoing to help you prevent that chronic disease that's caused by high intake of sugar, high intake of alcohol, too much body fat, sedentary lifestyle all those elements are going to be tackled and helped by doing CrossFit to its fullest.

The other thing in terms of preventing disease, preventing ailments, feeling better, is your micronutrient intake, are you looking at getting enough fish oil, are you looking at getting enough magnesium, are you getting good quality of those nutrients as well cause a lot of people they take fish oil that they get from well-known distributors, well known shops on the high street, and if you actually look at how much fish oil you're getting, and the quality, you must take shedloads of high streets store's fish oil to get the required amount each day which is 2,000 milligrams of fish oil, and in there you need to get the right ratio of EPA and DHA as well, so you need to be looking at that are you supplementing that way, are you getting enough vitamin D, are you getting the nutrients that you are going to need to fuel your body, remember the food is the fuel. Your cells require nutrients to develop and survive. If you're not getting those nutrients, then you're going to be making sacrifices with your body and with your health.  

It's important you address that issue before you start claiming, "I do CrossFit" You've got to make sure are you doing what Greg Glassman set out to do which is to improve your health, okay? To move yourself from unwell to wellness, okay? Moving you on the path to well- that's the goal of CrossFit, so the whole of CrossFit has to include nutrition and maybe we've been lacking on that side here, in terms of with our training, so maybe we need to be more focused that way with what we do and know that definitely from my observations with our clients, a lot of them aren't doing enough with their nutrition side of things, to be able to say they're doing, you know, CrossFit to its fullest, so you need to be looking at that yourself, you need to be thinking, "what am I doing today that's going to help me get on that path to wellness?"

 The most important thing by that is your nutrition. One good tip is dedicating your Sunday WOD, those of you here at CrossFit Chiltern, dedicate your Sunday WOD to being to your food, to your food prep, to your planning, one hour on a Sunday can go a long way, okay? It's going to do better doing one hour of that, than going for a jog for an hour. Or, going to the gym for an hour.

If you can dedicate one hour towards looking after your food, then you're going to be much better off, okay That's going to be exponentially more beneficial to you than an hour of exercise that day. , here's a little tip, Sunday's WOD, is always going to be "sort out your food for the week" and we're going to talk a little about that in a future blog, talk about food tracking, food prepping, but for now, your goal is to go from just doing half of CrossFit, to doing CrossFit in its entirety.  then you can claim, "yes, I do CrossFit.”, you will reap the rewards, I guarantee it. Thanks guys Thanks for watching guys, hope you enjoyed that, more videos to come, please subscribe to the YouTube channel, and check us out on Facebook for some more great info. Plus, don't forget to read the blog. Thanks guys.


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