CrossFit Chiltern

You’ll notice that often we include carries into our training. The most common version of these are the farmers carry. Which is basically walking with a kettlebell in your hand. Why do we include such a simple exercise?

Firstly because it is true CrossFit. There aren’t many more functional movements than a carry. We do this in our daily lives!

It’s also a fantastic way of training cardio vascular fitness and full body strength without placing too much stress on the central nervous system.  Without going into too much detail a lot of our CrossFit workouts place a heavy load on the body. We need to balance the level of intensity with some recovery. Carries allow us to work whilst our body recovers from heavier more explosive movements.

In addition to this it builds building tremendous grip strength and mid line stability. Both of which are the building blocks of strength and resilience to injuries to the elbows, shoulder and back.

Carries are a great way of training the whole body and should be in everyone’s training plan. They are probably the most undervalued exercise we do but could benefit all of us massively.

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