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Celebrity Fitness

Every single day there are numerous articles about various celebrities physical changes. One day it’s how someone has had a baby and 4 weeks later is on the beach looking amazing. The next is how a male star has got ripped for his next movie. Or how someone has shed the pounds etc. etc.


First and foremost remember that a shed load of images you see in magazines and online are staged shoots. An organised photo shoot made to look impromptu for you. This mean that the photos will be set in perfect lighting, with the celeb having full prep time for make up, tan and an outfit to flatter. Plus only shot at great angles and with tons of photoshopping. #filters!


Secondly even if you disregard all the editing etc. The second thing that these guys have is time and money. They work in such a way that their workout is part of their job. Therefore they schedule working out once or twice a day and nearly always with a trainer. Now firstly I want to say kudos to them. It’s definitely not easy on anyone working out this often. But it’s a lot easier if you can put in into your work schedule and when you always have someone available to kick you into gear.


We all know how nutrition is king to aesthetic improvement. Well if you’ve got a budget that can allow you to get every item of food cooked and prepared so that no stone is left unturned then life is easier. Not forgetting the time it would take a ‘normal’ to prep all this stuff!


Nip, tuck, suck and botox. The dirty truth is that of course loads of the shaping etc is done under a surgeons knife, and that’s just plain old cheating!


It’s no real secret that all the big boys of Hollywood are partial to a bit of juicing (and I don’t mean carrot juice!) At the end of the day it’s the fast route to lean muscle development, and there’s no drug testing at the Oscars!


There’s definitely no better motivation to look good than the constant threat of the media being around to batter you for putting on 2kg or for some internet trolls to berate you after someone takes an unflattering photo of you with there phone!


In no way am I trying to say that anything the celebrities are doing is wrong (apart from anything that will damage their health). You have to respect them for the work they put in to look good and feel a little for them because of the constant pressure they are under to look good. The problem I have is that this sets unrealistic targets and ambitions for Joe Public. They start to think that famous people are genetically pre-disposed to look good and that it won’t be possible to improve themselves. This is not true. It is possible to look your best self and be your healthiest self. What it takes is more discipline, more support and more time. Don’t set the celebs as your standard as they are at an advantage. Set your own realistic goals and time frames and follow your own path. Remember too that you have to enjoy the journey to get there as being fit and healthy is a lifetime adventure and not a weekend break!

Celebrity Fitness

Jeremy Reilly

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