Charley's CrossFit Transformation

CrossFit Chiltern
Charley's CrossFit Transformation

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 joined Chiltern CrossFit in July 2019 extremely daunted by the series of foundations classes ahead of me! I’d had 2 babies and had NEVER set foot in a ‘box’ before. I was terrified. I’d never lifted a barbell and had no idea what a snatch or jerk was!

A year on and I’m over 3st lighter, fitter, stronger and have made some new friends for life!

Sounds cheesy but the coaches really do care, whether it’s holding the baby so you can complete the workout in the BYB class or pushing you that little bit further than you thought you could go. 

A year on and I still get nervous every class,

it doesn’t get easier and it makes me swear ALOT but it’s such a fun environment  and everyone genuinely just wants you to have a go and at times too ‘just keep going’...whatever that looks like! 

I’ve recently started PT with Coach Ali. It’s a whole new level of tough! There’s no hiding, she doesn’t mind my constant moaning and really makes sure you know what your doing before you do it! Ali makes it fun and challenging and I can absolutely see improvement in the time I’ve been with her. Although the homework she sets sucks! Ha.

As much as I have a love/hate relationship with CrossFit I’ve never found a sport that has this level of community nor given me these results. I urge everyone to come and have a go!

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