Competitions – Why do we do them?  

CrossFit Chiltern
Competitions – Why do we do them?  

You may notice that at CrossFit Chiltern we often have in house competitions. If you’re new to CrossFit this may seem somewhat intimidating and something that you’ll never take part in. But here are the reasons why you should.

Measuring improvement – Completing competitions will give you a mark in your training journal as to where you were at a given point in time. For example the CrossFit Open usually happens just once a year (with 2019 being a one of exception). Although the workouts are often different each year the movements are the same. This gives you a great opportunity to compare year on year improvement. For example you may have not been able to complete the workouts with hanging knee raises in year one but the in year 2 this could come easily. The same for the weight you use on certain movements too. I’m always amazed at how much people who come regularly improve year on year.

Give you something to train for – Knowing that there is competition coming up is a great way to motivate yourself. Realising that you’re having to put some scores up will help incentivise you to come and train.

Get you in the box more often – A lot of our competitions strongly reward attendance, the act of just turning up will score you points and if it’s a team event you won’t want to let your team down and if you turn up regularly then you become a real asset to the team. It’s a great reflection on training, if you just keep turning up the results will come.

Get you involved with the box community – Having a social element to your training is proven to keep you at it. Our competitions are always highly inclusive and end with a big final event and celebration. These are always super fun and normally include some group workouts.

Up your intensity in workouts – Putting a score on a workout always ups the intensity. Even though the workouts in competitions are very similar to our day to day workouts the fact that it’s a competition really makes everyone work that bit harder and therefore get more out of each session.

Remember whatever the competition we aim to be inclusive so there is always a scaling option so you can get involved and for most of us the competition is within ourselves rather than against others. Plus the great thing about CrossFit is that because we all suffer together we all celebrate together win or lose. SO next time we have something going on, embrace it and get the most out of your membership.

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