Do you need a sports massage?

CrossFit Chiltern
Do you need a sports massage?

Sports massage, crossfit Chiltern, Amersham, Chesham, Buckinghamshire
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As an athlete there is only so much stretching or foam rolling we can do before its time for a sports massage. The aim of a massage is to release the adhesions (knots) from the muscle so each fibre can be in state of relaxation and therefore have more growth within the muscle.

The benefit to a sports massage is more muscle growth and a state of relaxation. By doing these not only will you see better performance but you will build more strength and endurance. As an athlete myself I will have a sports massage every 4 weeks to better my performance and for the relaxation factor.

You will know your own body and its limitations, so as an athlete you can decide when and how many massages within a certain time frame I.E before and after competitions. As a coach and sports massage therapist I would say 1 massage every 4 weeks is a good start to help boost your performance and daily life. Everybody is different. A top athlete would have a massage every week due to the amount training they are undertaking.

There will be times after sessions where you don’t stretch or you are in a rush to remember. By doing this you are creating more adhesions in the muscle and build-up of lactic acid which will lead to cramp. I recommend sports massages for the after affects for training such as better performance, wellbeing, flexibility and all round performance.

This Saturday (3rd Sept) we are hosting our first open day at CrossFit Chiltern where you can try a CrossFit workout for free as well as a sports massage. Find our more here:

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