Food Tracking - Top Tips

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Food Tracking - Top Tips

For this week the challenge is to get into the habit of planning your food as opposed to logging food after the event.

We all make bad decisions on food when we are hungry, tired and stressed. These decisions and the consequences of them are the reason why we struggle to meet our goals.

It’s far better to remove the opportunity to make poor decisions by planning our food in advance. For week 2 I don’t want to add too much complication so again we are not thinking about macros and calories as yet.

All I ask that you do for this week is to plan in advance 2 meals per day. These will be breakfast and then either lunch or dinner (Whichever is your ‘main’meal) . My process for meal planning is as follows:

1.       Have a meal. (You make better decisions when you are satiated!)

2.       Check current ingredients in the house

3.       Plan what meals will work with ingredients in stock. Any food which is close to expiry I will plan to have early in the week.

4.       Establish what other meals I would like that week if I can use ingredients at home for part of these then I will. Put these up on the fridge/noticeboard or somewhere else to help keep you accountable.

5.       Add the meals to MyFitnesspal

6.       Make a shopping list. This is even more important during the lockdown as we want to minimise the amount of time we spend at the shop and also reduce the frequency of visits. Obviously include other household shopping on this list.

7.       Have a meal. (Never shop hungry!!)

8.       Go shopping and ONLY buy what’s on the list and nothing else!

9.       Amend MyFitnessPal for any ingredients/meals you needed to substitute.

10.   Stick to the plan!

If we have two of the main meals of the day logged then the rest of the week is just filling in the blanks! Don’t worry about macros and calories too much at the moment. Just start getting into good habits!

Good Luck!

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