Getting back in shape after having a baby...

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Getting back in shape after having a baby...

Getting back into your pre-baby jeans and feeling more confident is something many new mums want to achieve after having a baby. But for many it can seem a daunting task. Literally where do you start?  

Time and tiredness can be the main issues for a new mum, so my best advice is to not put yourself under too much pressure when feeling tired from broken sleep.  If you are able to find the time to do a workout, just start with some basic body weight exercises and core exercises.  This will start to get the heart rate up and with using your body weight as resistance you’ll be building some muscle as well.

Just fitting in a 10 minute workout 2-3 times per week is a great start for any new mum, you will feel like you are getting fitter and stronger and you will have more energy.   

Post-natal exercise can usually be started when the 6 week check-up has been completed. This would be different for caesarean birth, but for normal birth its usually a 6 week check-up that will give you the green light to start exercising again. The linea alba (the line down the stomach that connects the stomach muscles must have returned to the original approx. 2 cm gap).

As the stomach muscles have been stretched beyond their range during pregnancy, this is the top priority area for most mums to start on post-baby. 

Starting with some exercises to engage the deeper layer of abdominal muscles is a great place to start. Just feeling like you can engage these muscles and keep them under tension will really start to strengthen them.   

Sample workout using body weight: Complete 30 seconds on each exercise, and rest for up to a minute depending on fitness level.   

Air squat

Press ups

Reverse Lunges

Plank hold

Jogging on the spot

Wall slides

If you are breast feeding you must make sure your calories are increased, and with the extra training too, calories will need to be upped slightly.   

Our a brand-new Chiltern ‘Bring your Baby’ workout class is specifically for new parents who want real fitness results with the flexibility of being able to bring their babies to training sessions. 

Based on the results-driven strategy behind our normal CrossFit sessions, workouts are adapted to incorporate buggies and strollers with a focus on helping you achieve your specific fitness goals, all under the guidance of fully qualified pre- and post-natal personal trainers.

Classes take place Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 11:30-12:30. Book via our Limitless Life app up to the start of the class with the flexibility of cancelling 30 minutes before if you need to. Cost is £15 for a drop in session or in blocks of 10 for £100 or 20 for £180.


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