Happy, hungry and humble – The traits of great athletes and coaches.

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Happy, hungry and humble – The traits of great athletes and coaches.

I wanted a simple way to define what we look for in new members and new coaches and thanks to renowned CrossFit Coach Ben Bergeron I found this. It really sums up the three key traits we need when recruiting new people to be part of the CrossFit Chiltern community.

Happy – We all know the people in our lives that give energy and the ones that suck it out of you. I am always looking to surround myself with the former. I want people in my life who will celebrate my successes rather than be envious. Will encourage me towards my goals instead of casting doubt upon them. People who put a positive spin on events in their lives instead of finding the negative on everything that happens. In the past I would have people around me who were constantly complaining, finding the down-side of any situation and generally thriving on complaining about how the world and other were working against them. These people ooze negativity and this can be draining to be around. Fortunately CrossFit seems to naturally filter these people out.

Hungry – This is the desire to want to grow and improve. Whether that be as a coach, an athlete or as a person. Someone who isn’t happy with average and instead wants to soak up as much information and feedback as possible to find ways to get better. This is why I love when people ask questions, come to open gym, join in on every challenge and extra session they can. From a coaches point of you it’s coaches that want feedback, acknowledge areas they need to improve and actively seek ways to do so.

Humble – This is all about the growth mindset. Accepting that you don’t have all the answers, being open to feedback and ready to admit when you’ve made a mistake you need to learn from.

So when people ask who I most like to coach beginners or elite whether that be in CrossFit or in golf my response would be someone with these 3 traits. It’s the first thing I look for when recruiting new coaches too. If you exhibit all 3 of these then you are far more likely to succeed in your endeavours whether they are CrossFit related or anything else.

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