How can I keep motivated during the autumn/winter months?

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How can I keep motivated during the autumn/winter months?

During the winter it can be so much harder to get up and train in the morning or leave the house when it’s cold in the evening. Staying motivated can be a challenge, however, here's some ideas to help keep you stay focussed on your training during the winter months:

Keep your goals in sight!

Workout at CrossFit Chiltern group training sessions and keep motivated
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Always keeping your goals visible to stay motivated. Keeping track of where you are and what you are doing is always going to be a positive move to keep you motivated.

Maybe you need to vary the times that you train if you can.  If you can’t face getting up when its dark, maybe your training could move to a lunchtime slot or early evening when you finish work. 

Create a winter training programme

Group fitness in Amersham,
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If your training is mainly outdoors through the summer, when winter comes it’s a good time to re-think your programme. If you spent the summer running or bike riding outside, then focussing on weight training or indoor circuits could be a great move, not only to maintain your motivation levels, but changing what you do is important for continued results.

With any training programme it needs to be changed and this would normally happen around every 12 weeks depending on the fitness goal. 

Try group training

Another way to increase your motivation is by enrolling in exercise that involves other people. Try group classes or small group training. Having other people to train with is proven to increase motivation and sustainability.  At CrossFit Chiltern we offer small group training during which everyone helps and supports each other, keeping each other motivated. Check out a video of one of our sessions: 

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