How long until I can do a Pull Up coach?

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How long until I can do a Pull Up coach?

With this blog, I would like to give you progressions and time frames for your first pull-up. You can do all of the progression to build up but some you'll find easier than others.

Lets Get Started

Start with these two to build up your strength and find out where you are right now.

 1a. Bent over barbell rows

 For these exercises, focus on lifting more and more as you get stronger.

If you are a little bit bigger than the average bear, you might want to stick to this step until you lose a little bit more weight and get stronger. If you can lift 25% of your BW. you are at the beginning of your 16 months’ journey with pull- ups. Keep your head up! :) As soon as you reach 85% you are much closer to do your first pull -up. Maybe 12 months or little bit less, and you can move to the next step.

 1b.Ring Rows

By changing the body’s angle relative to the ground, the ring row can be made accessible to almost everybody, or made challenging for even most experienced athletes.

 Next step - pike ring rows. If 5 sets x 8 to 10 reps on each set with Pike Ring Rows is not a big problem for you it means you are on good way to do your first pull-up-  approximately 3 ,4 months!! If you are smaller it will be easier to you, if you are tall and big it might be a bigger effort for you- but don’t give up!

 2.Static Hang

 Climb up on a box and grasp the pull-up bar with a full, thumbs-around. ALWAYS! thumbs around! This is for safety.

Contract the muscles of your upper back pull your shoulder blades down toward your feet.

Try to accumulate this to 1 minute. Good grip and long static hang in proper hollow position help you with pulling you up! If you are heavier you might find this little bit too difficult at first so build your strength with the other exercises if you struggle with this.

 The Big Three (Work all these three to get to your goal)

 3a Scapular pull-up.

 Start with static hang position. Allow your shoulders to relax, hang passively from the bar. Contract the muscles of your upper back to pull your shoulder blades down toward your feet. You will rise 1-3“. Try to isolate the movement of your shoulder blades. Work up to ten reps. You are getting there!

If 3 sets with 10 reps is easy for you it’s just one month maybe 2 in front of you and your first strict pull-up. Once again- it’s better to be lighter so I hope you holding good diet and working hard on classes!

 3b Banded Assisted pull-up

 Using one foot on the same side as the band, step into to band so that it comes across the center of the sole of the foot. Try to push yourself and do 5 sets x 4 reps. Start with thick band and then go for thinner with each set. Ok, so once pull-ups with thin band are no problem for you. You are nearly there and probably able to get your chin above the bar without the band, you just need to strengthen the bottom position with some more scapulars and some partner work. -  1 month until your first pull-up.

 3c Partner Assisted Pull Ups

If you have a training buddy then start working with partner assisted pull-ups. Use his help to pull-up and try to go down without his hands on your back.

3c. Jumping Negatives (Do this only when you can control descent)

It's simple you jump up over the bar and then slow you descent taking 2-3 seconds to lower yourself down. Work sets of 6-8 reps making your descent slower and slower as you strength grow.

Pull-up time!

Grasp the bar with a full thumb-around grip. Squeeze your heels together and point your toes, keep your legs straight, midline braced and shoulders active. Now drive the elbows down until your chin is clearly over the bar then lower yourself back. Boom your fist pull-up! Congratulations!

 Remember it doesn’t matter if you are small or tall, thick or thin, with long arms or short. One thing that is important …. PROGRESS!!! 

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