How to perform a deadlift movement

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How to perform a deadlift movement

How to perform a deadlift workout, crossfit Chiltern, fitness advice,
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How to deadlift with good form?

The basis of Olympic lifting starts with a dead lift of first pull. In my own experience its all about technique rather than what weight. If your technique is correct through the movement then weight should be no problem.

The question you should be asking yourself is why should deadlifts be a part of my programme?

Firstly, deadlifts are a compound movement which are great for strength training and are great for posterior chain engagement. By engaging our posterior chain we can develop ourselves into stronger athletes.

How to dead lift

The set up: Firstly your feet should be positioned under the hip and the bar should sit over the first eyelet of your shoe. Grip should sit just outside the knee to allow for affiant movement. Once our grip is correct, we can then make sure we have a neutral spine (a normal curvature of the spine). After our set up is correct, we can move onto our next stage.

Breathing: Once your set up is correct we need to then start thinking about our breathing through the dead lift. We take a deep breathe in at the start (our set up) then once completed the full range of movement we can then exhale and carry on with this motion.

The dead lift: Our position is correct, now time for the actual movement. We start in a flexed position of the knee and hip and a neutral spine. Next we extend our knee and hip so with are standing upright and to push the knees back through the movement and not move the bar around the knee. We keep a neutral spine throughout the flexion and extension of the knee and hip to complete the dead lift in the standing position. 

Strength and why it is so important? 

As an athlete we train hard to make ourselves bigger, stronger and faster for which sport we participate in. Strength training will play a part of your cycle.

Try and stick the big compounds movements I.E DEAD LIFT, FRONT SQUAT, BACK SQUAT, SHOULDER PRESS. These are some of the foundations to make you a stronger and more robust athlete.

As our great nation take part in the Olympics, take some time to watch the athletes lifting and use the slow motion videos to help with your own technique. Also watch the warm up routines and see how this could help you as an athlete.


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