Is CrossFit for me?

CrossFit Chiltern
Is CrossFit for me?

CrossFit is designed to optimise physical competence across all 10 fitness domains. These are:

Our members train in gymnastics from as simple as a plank to more advance work on rings and bars. This creates a great capacity to control the body statically and dynamically, maximising strength to weight ratio and flexibility. They train to run, bike, row and where possible swim at all distances to improve our three different metabolic pathways. They perform weightlifting to develop coordination and explosive power. This not only includes barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells but also odd objects to prepare for the unknown physical demands of sport and life.

How we differ from a regular gym

A typical gym routine often consists of 20 minutes on a CV machine such as a treadmill or stationary bike followed by a circuit of machine work such as abductor machines, leg extension and bicep curls. Whilst these workouts are vastly better than doing nothing they cannot compare to workouts including compound movements at higher intensity. If you require televisions and magazines to get through a gym workout not only is your intensity not high enough to facilitate a neuroendocrine response. It is also apparent that this workout must be boring.

Our method of constantly varied high intensity functional movement is drastically better at creating adaptation and also create a mental stimulation that encourages our members to keep coming back for more!

Am I fit enough for CrossFit?

Absolutely! The needs of the worlds best athletes and our grandparents differ by degree and not kind. Whilst we may not need to create a 200kg back squat in our grandparents the ability to squat will allow them to get down to the toilet without needing to hold a handrail. Performing a bodyweight power clean with a barbell may also not be required but the fundamentals of creating sound mechanics and strength for lifting an object to the shoulder allow independence in tasks such as gardening and other things taken for granted by younger adults.

What about Core strength? Do I need to still do my core blast?

Every functional movement works from ‘core to extremity’. This means that we are constantly working and building strength throughout our ‘core’ muscles. Every time we move through hip extension we utilising our glutes hard. Creating a brace for heavy lifting means using our core muscles for what they are designed to do. If you ask an experienced athlete what works the core harder deadlifting 3 times body weight or a crunch on a sit up machine they will laugh!


Maybe I will still wait to be fit enough to join

Whatever you do to prepare for CrossFit you will still be scaling and adapting your workouts. What we do is different to anything you’ve tried before. The best way to get fit for CrossFit is to do CrossFit. Join up and jump in!

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