Lockdown 3.0

CrossFit Chiltern
Lockdown 3.0

As you have seen we are in lockdown for the next few weeks. Here is what we have planned for you over this period. Let's keep our fitness going for the new year until we get back together again!

Class Programming/Remote Classes

As you will have seen from my previous email/video we are adapting the programming even more to fit around the limited space, equipment and also the weather. In our regular daily WODs we will include options for those with barbells and additional CV equipment.

Our remote class timetable is available here.

People with barbells/additional kit

If you have a barbell then join the Barbell beasts programme to add 3 workouts a week to use your kit. I'll also add a few short barbell strength pieces on sugarWOD also to give you some extra variety that you can do.

Skills Classes

I intend to personally run some free live speciality classes during the lockdown. The first one will be on the Snatch. This will just require a PVC pipe or broom handle but will allow me the opportunity to get deep into the technique side of things and use video to correct faults etc. I'll be announcing the first one in the next few days so stay tuned.

Equipment Rental

Free Small Gym Equipment Rental

We will be again providing free equipment rental throughout the lockdown period. Equipment that will be free to borrow will be kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, medicine, and slam balls. Our inventory has grown since last time so there are even more items available. I'll be setting up our inventory spreadsheet tomorrow and items will be available to collect on Wednesday to be Lockdown ready. Initially it will be 1 item per person but may well expand if there are items remaining.

Large Gym Equipment Rental

For our barbells, bumper plates, rowers, and assault bikes we will also be making these available to rent out for a voluntary PayPal donation (suggested as £10pw). Once again, I'll be organising spreadsheets for this tomorrow and will communicate once we are ready to start taking reservations. I ask that if you already have a piece of CV kit that you allow others first option before you sign up for rentals.

Outdoor PT/Remote

We will again be offering outdoor and remote PT sessions for this lockdown. This will be run as 1 coach and 1 athlete at the box at any one time. Having received confirmation from my golf governing body regarding coaching at an under-cover driving range we have decided to allocate an under cover area within 2 metres of our bay doors to allow clients and athletes to stay dry throughout.

Due to the limit to only 1 coach:1 athlete at any time you may need to be more flexible with your timings. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

If you would like to train in person, please ensure you follow all our COVID19 protocols. Also please consider with whom you are in regular contact with before deciding to attend. Any additional contact increases the risk so if you have vulnerable people to consider then remote coaching may be a more sensible option.

Work your Weaknesses

We have another fantastic opportunity over the next few weeks to take some time to focus on areas we need to improve. That’s why for Lockdown 3.0 we are again offering all members free access to our Work Your Weaknesses programs. These are all workouts designed to be performed with minimal equipment. All you’ll need is a single dumbbell or kettlebell (you could use a milk carton filled with sand as a substitute), plus a light resistance band. For our barbell beast you will also need a PVC pipe, broom handle, barbell, or something similar. Obviously, a rope is needed for the double unders!

We recommend that you choose just one or two areas to work on. After the last lockdown we recommend just choosing 1 and doing that one well, lots of those signing up for two went half baked on both. Better to do one thing well than two things badly!!

All these programs contain three workouts a week designed as a compliment to your daily CrossFit WODs. They should take between 15-30 minutes to complete.

We are really excited to see how we can get you closer to your goals despite the situation. Let’s add some silver lining to this cloud!!

Visit the Webpage for more information on each program we have available.

Choose your programs.

The programme will be administered by coach Alison so please email her to sign up. splinter_ally@yahoo.co.uk. The coaches responsible for each programme will then add you to a whatsApp group to keep everyone accountable and moving forwards.

No BS Challenge

As I announced yesterday we will be running our regular nutrition challenge this January. This is another fantastic opportunity to stay on track with your health and fitness. Get involved!

Please keep up the support

As you can imagine these continued lockdowns put a tremendous pressure on all of us. I appreciate every bit of support you give. It is with your help that we will continue to be around for the foreseeable future.

I am certain that we can make 2021 an amazing year. Thanks for sticking by us.

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