May Newsletter

CrossFit Chiltern
May Newsletter

As you can imagine the re-opening throughout the last few weeks has been pretty busy. This has meant I have gotten a little behind with the announcements. So I thought the best way to update everything is through one news update email!

Upcoming Events.

Lots to look forward to over the coming weeks.

Spring Nutrition Kickstart

Monday 3rd to Sunday 30th May

We are one week into the kickstart and now we start aiming for calorie numbers and planning meals. Visit my latest blog post for more info. It is never too late to start!

CrossFit PairUp Throwdown

Saturday 22nd May

Partner up with a buddy, sibling, life partner, family member, or even your class rival and have a whole lot of fun in the first annual CrossFit PairUP ThrowDOWN.

This new format of competition is for anyone who want to work together to test their fitness and teamwork against peers across the globe.

Registration Open 12th May. Visit here for more info.


Monday 31st May 9:00

The iconic CrossFit workout takes place in its annual place in the calendar. We welcome all of those athletes who want to get involved to join in. We will scale to fit all. It will be a big event so expect lots of fun! If you would like to read more about the history of this workout click here.

Bring a Friend Week

Monday 7th to Saturday 12th June

Do you have a friend or family member that needs convincing to come to CrossFit? Bring a friend week is the perfect opportunity to introduce them. A chance for to bring someone to class free of charge as often as you like. They need to attend class with you. All classes are available with the exception of the 6:15 midweek and 7:30 Saturday classes. Get the word out and let’s get more like minded people joining our community.

CrossFit Chiltern 5 Year Anniversary

Saturday 26th June

Workout 12:00, BBQ 14:00 + Evening Celebration (Details TBC)

If you had asked me 12 months ago whether we would be around to celebrate our 5 year anniversary I would have been a little doubtful. But thanks to the outstanding support of our coaches and members we are still standing!

What a great time to celebrate. Moved back a week to allow for the lockdown restrictions to be hopefully updated we are planning a big team workout followed by an afternoon BBQ and drinks. We will reconvene in Amersham to continue the celebrations. Feel free to attend one, two or all of the events!

Thanks to all of you for your amazing contribution to making the box a fantastic place to be!

2021 CrossFit Open Results

The Open saw some tremendous performances. Let us start by celebrating the girls in winning the Open battle of the sexes. Having more than double the points of the boys it is a testament to how the girls of our box are key to building the community as their organisation and support for each other highlighted how we boys cannot cope without them!! This will be the only time we have a battle of sexes as there was no real competition.

On the MVP front coaches Helen and Alison dominated with Anmare showing her competitiveness in the event as the highest scoring member. Pete Stevenson and Stan Coltman kept ahead of Charlotte Taffel to keep the boys score a little more respectable!

With regard workout performances we had so many outstanding personal bests in the workouts. People completing their first reps or record numbers of DUBs, toes to bars, pull ups, first time hitting Rx or Official scaled weights and box heights. It was an amazing way to return to the box. Having the members back for 21.3 the atmosphere was something we had all been missing.

Some individuals who performed strongly on the worldwide leaderboards. Coaches Alison and Helen narrowly missed out on qualifying for the next stage by just a few reps/kgs on the last workout. One of members David Blomfield would have likely qualified had be confident enough to enter.

Michael Reader did reach the next stage by finishing in the top 10% worldwide in the 40-44 age category. This weekend he completed the 5 workouts of the age group online qualifier finishing 608 out of 1208 qualifiers. This means he is around the top 5% fittest people in his age category. Those of you on our Private Facebook members group can see all his workouts there.

We know that next year all of us our looking to improve. Hopefully seeing higher rankings in the Open and we should see more people reaching the 2nd stage of qualifying. There may be semi-finals for the Masters next year, if there is we hope that some of our athletes can make it there and we can have a day trip!

Thank You

I want to thank you all again for your support in helping to create such a great community. I hope to make the next few months our best ever.










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