My 3 Most commonly asked CrossFit questions

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My 3 Most commonly asked CrossFit questions

I wanted to talk about the three most common questions I get asked when performing a consultation here at CrossFit., question number one is: Am I fit enough to do CrossFit? This comes from people that have been watching maybe the CrossFit on YouTube or some of the Netflix documentaries, The Fittest on Earth, those sorts of things and they've seen the CrossFit Games and they've seen people doing muscle ups, seen people climbing ropes, and doing obstacle courses, all kinds of shenanigans in the CrossFit Games and they wonder whether they, you know, they could join. If they can't do any of that stuff. They can't even, they've never even touched a barbell before, how can they be expected to do CrossFit? First point to clarify is that the CrossFit Games, CrossFit as a sport is not the same as what happens in a CrossFit box like ourselves here.

The sport of CrossFit is the fittest of the fit competing to find out who is the fittest on earth. As a result, the tests are extremely difficult with extremely complex work in there and incredibly taxing.  that's the equivalent of, I suppose, comparing, I don't know, what Mo Farah does to starting jogging.  if you look at what Mo Farah does, you'll say I'm never going to run a marathon in two hours, so what's the point? It's not the same, it's two different things. One is the top level of the sport and the other is a way of training, getting people fitter and healthier. , although you can use that as an aspiration, maybe if you're a young athlete or you just sort of maybe want to know, okay where is the peak of this, you can look at the CrossFit Games, look at the CrossFit sport, and those of you that are elite athletes, you maybe have a target of ranking in the CrossFit Open or one of the high in the sport there, that's great.

For 90% of people, it's about getting fitter and healthier and achieving things you never thought possible. , when you see people doing handstand walks, muscle ups, rope climbs, all of these things, if you came to a class, yes, you may even see on a class that there is programmed a rope climb, or there is programmed a muscle up, or a pull up, or you know, something really advanced, but we've always got scaling options and the whole principle behind what we do here is that everyone that comes into the class, if we've got nine people in the class and we've got the fittest person here, and a complete beginner here. One guy is a 21-year-old guy, another guy is a 65-year-old guy, never trained before, they can do the same class, but scale the movements to fit. That's why we have small classes because it's very easy to manage and scale what we do., for example, people that were doing muscle up, that would be the top progression., a muscle up being a movement where you pull yourself up and over the rings or the bar and into a dip., it's like a full pull up over into a dip. The scaling version of that, obviously, we could scale it down to a pull up. We could scale that pull up down to a pull up where you're using a band for resistance.  we can even scale that down to a horizontal row where you've got the rings and you're rowing in like this.  you haven't even got to be horizontal, you could be at a slight angle, so if you've done TRX work there., that's an achievable movement for anyone of any age can do a ring row provided they haven't got any injuries that could stop them doing that.

 The same for, let's say a handstand walk. Could be something we'd scale that down to something like a bear crawl, that's another variation of that., there's always an option to scale. In terms of being fit enough, well, you don't must complete every work out to the maximum, again, level., yes, everyone is fit enough for CrossFit and there's no reason, physically, why people can't just come in and train straight away. Once they've gone through our foundations program and learned how to move properly. Why they can't come and train because our coaches and myself will scale everything to fit those people so their level, not only of strength and mobility, but also their level of ability and their technical ability., they won't be able to do as complex a movement as the other guys.

 In terms of whether you are mentally ready, that's a different thing because some people just need to build some confidence in what they can do before they come and join a class.  that's just a personal thing. Some people can come in from no level of fitness and come and train and be fine, and other people that just need to build up that, that mental side, by doing some personal training. They're going to get themselves into moving more proficiently, they're feeling a bit more confident about themselves, about their moves, about their body, and then they can come to class.

But in terms of if you came in as a complete beginner, everyone will welcome you with open arms, we'd get the work out scaled for you and you'd be fine, but again, some people need that extra level of training and prefer to come in at a sort of higher level, but you don't must. You can come in at whatever level you like and you're going to get huge amounts of benefits.  the lower the level you start at, the bigger those benefits are going to be, because you're going to have that massive boost initially in your training when you first start., everyone is fit enough for CrossFit. I don't care who you are, there's no excuse for you not to come and try it out. That's question number one.

Question number two is and mainly from girls and I've answered this a little bit before, but I'll talk about it again. Won't lifting weights, doing CrossFit, make me bulky?  I've a learned a little bit since the last video of maybe how to answer this question with another question to the person who asked me it and answer it a bit better is that when someone asks me that I want to know what they want to look like.  I'll say well, what do you want to look like? Who do you want to look like? What physique do you admire?  they'll maybe talk about the physique they want or what they're looking to do and the answer to all of that is well, if you want to be toned, okay which everyone talks about, I want to be toned, I want to shape up.

You need to build muscle. I don't care who you are or what you do, if you want to be toned and you want to be shapely and not saggy, you need to build muscle. As a girl, you don't have enough testosterone to get big and bulky without a huge amount of effort with the sole intent of getting that way.  that's kind where you need to clarify is that the only way people get bulky, well, there's a couple of ways. There's a few ways you're going to get bulky doing CrossFit as a girl, because obviously, you don't have the testosterone levels of guys.  some, obviously, some girls have genetic variances., there will be some people that are more predisposed but generally they'll already show those signs. They'll already be sort of quite big and strong and that will just be aided on its way by our training but there's only a few, that would be, I would say, a very small minority of girls that have that trait already. But most people for 99.9% of people that come, you don't have that genetic predisposition.  that only way you're going to get bulky and I'm talking like people they likely imagine when they watch the people in the CrossFit Games, okay they see that, is by either taking a crap load of steroids and training hard or training bloody hard and being super lean. Because that's the only thing to really that you'll sort of, and when you see people in the CrossFit Games, what you've got to remember as well, is that they are also mega pumped. Okay, they've done a massive work out. , all their muscles are pumped and they're really vascular cause the bloods rushing through their muscles. , any of you that've done the workout, and the problem is, the people that ask these questions haven't done a proper work out before in their life. , they've never had that feeling of sort of the pumped that you get immediately after a workout where everything swole as the hashtag is nowadays. , they kind of don't understand that that's when they're seeing these people in the heat of competition.

 That's not what they look like necessarily every single day and these guys in the competition they're prepped, and they've been training up to that point, so they're at their absolute physical peak.

 If you want to be toned, if you want to build shape and tone. Lift your bottom, stop everything sagging, you need muscle. You've got to basically, what's your body made of? You've got internal organs, okay well they're not going to give you the shape and tone. Unless you want your body to look like the shape of your kidneys. You've got skeleton, and trust me, the skeleton does not have great shape and tone., we don't want the skeleton look.  then we've got fat. Alright, so if you've got zero muscle or very low muscle and you've just got bones, oh you've got skin as well of course bones, fat, and skin. It's basically like you've just poured a jellyfish over a skeleton and that's kind of what you're going to end up looking like. You're going to be saggy and loose and it's not a good look., you must have muscle tone. You must have muscle tone and you must build muscle when you're training to get the tone you want and if you are training three, four times a week, for one hour a session. As a girl, you are not going to get massive. Alright, you're not going to get massive. You must be putting in some serious hours to get the way the girls that you maybe see in the CrossFit Games, I mean, they're training five hours a day, six hours a day, so obviously, they're going to build as much muscle as they can possibly get and that is the absolute extreme.

We have members and coaches here that train five to six days a week, one and a half hours or so a day, and they've got a great tone, great shape, but they're not bulky in any way and I think there's always that fear., weights will not make you bulky. Weights will make you toned. Just doing cardio will make you skinny fat. What do I mean by skinny fat? I mean you're going to lose body weight but you're going to have no tone.  you're just going to be skinny and loose.  that might be a great look and that might be what you want to look for. That's fine, but if you're looking for tone and you generally want to be toned, then you need to be doing weights., don't think oh I come here I might get bulky. It's not going to happen. Especially, for most people that ask that question, their intent is to maybe train twice or three times a week. , it's not only impossible for that to happen and the only way you're going to be bulky if you're training that infrequently is the bulk is going to come from you being fat on top of that. , fat on top of that muscle is going to make you bulkier. , if you lose that fat, you're going to be toned.

You must make sure that you know what you're talking about when you're asking these questions.  you know the answer you're going to get is going to be me telling you that no that won't happen. For guys, obviously, there's testosterone in there as well. If you're a young guy, you've got more testosterone. If you're young you've got HGH, human growth hormone, still in your system.  you will get bigger doing that. But again, if you want to get big and bulky and that kind of stuff, then you need to do more body building style training.  guys if you want to get that way, then you can train specifically to help that out.  you would do, on top of your CrossFit, you would do your accessory work as well to get big and bulky and if you just want to be body building, then CrossFit is not the answer. Go and do some body building for you. If that's all you want to look is just get bigger and bulkier, then maybe you need to look at something else, in terms of your training, to get that look because it's not, the optimum way to get big and bulky is not CrossFit. I'm going to tell you the honest, it's just doing body building training and that's kind of, one of the most boring things you can possibly do., but if you enjoy that, great.

Last question. How much weight should I expect to lose? That is a great question and it's one that I often answer, depending on what mood I'm in, I will maybe say, none.  then sometimes I'll say well it depends.  it does depend and it also it does depend massively on a couple of things. How often are you going to train? How's your diet? and, if you are training, what is your current body fat percentage now? Because what happens when you train? Especially when you initially train, when you first start training you're going to get, well you're going to get muscle growth throughout the time, but you're going to get the best results when your body is adapting to this new stimulus that you've presented it. , you're going to get definitely muscle growth and as you may or may not know, muscle is quite a bit denser than fat. , when you build muscle, that weight will come on to your body. It won't make you look fatter, but you will have muscle tone.  you must take that into consideration when you're looking at weight loss, if you've got a new training regime because you will gain muscle, you, hopefully, if your diet is in place, because if there's no diet in place, then you probably won't lose weight.

What happens most of the time when people put on a new training regime? They eat more to compensate because they're hungry from training., it does massively come in to nutrition. Nutrition is probably 60% of that. But you're going to gain muscle and you're going to lose fat weight., you're going to gain muscle weight, lose fat weight., there will be a transition where you will lose, depending if your diet is right. You should lose some weight but really, I like to look at people's body composition.  only really in people that are more overweight people will obviously see a more significant loss. They've got higher amounts of fat.  higher fat percentage people, will see a greater degree in weight loss because they'll have more fat to lose. But if you're in a sort of, lower body fat percentage, or a medium body fat percentage I should say, then that's going to be slightly slower.  with all training.

I like the philosophy that, the longer something takes to be attained, the harder that will be or the longer that will take, to go away again.  in other words, if you lose a stone over three years, you've lost it by making changes to your lifestyle, you've implemented good practice over that period of time, and it's something that stuck over a period of time, to lose that weight. , therefore, it's going to be unlikely that that weight is going to go on quickly, because you've made that adaptation and it's lasted, you know, for two, three years. , therefore, that weight loss will stick with you because you've formed great habits over that time. Conversely, if you lose a stone in a month, you've probably gone on some extreme juice fast diet or intermittent fasting or something that's incredibly extreme, that's unsustainable over a long period of time and that weight loss probably isn't fat loss, it's probably loss through your glycogen stores and maybe water loss as well, so that weight.  you haven't formed good habits, so all that's going to happen, as soon as you stop this crazy diet, you're going to put the weight back on.  I've talked about moderation as it works and that.

I think there's a counter argument to what I said before because I think, yes, we need to see results in our training. , if you're not seeing results, it's quite difficult to stick to anything but the optimum, the optimum, I'm talking about once you've got that initial boost of maybe loosing that first bit of weight from doing something like intermittent fasting then you need to find a solution that you're going to stick with long term because you need to have something and I've talked about having it and especially for a diet, you need to have something that's going to sustain you over that period of time because that weight loss that you get, if you've only doing it by doing a change of your diet, Keto, or anything like that, if you've got no extra strategy and if you don't have a long-term plan of sort of getting more weight loss over time, then yeah, you'll put that weight back on. ,

Will you lose weight doing CrossFit? Possibly, if that's your goal and if you're going to put in the nutrition side of things, then you will. If you just do CrossFit and you expect the weight to fall off, it's probably unlikely.  that's the same with, I'm not saying it's a CrossFit thing, it's the same with anything you do activity wise, exercise wise, is that if you just implement the activity, and you don't make changes to your lifestyle. Unless you are more overweight, I suppose if you have a consistency of fat, then you have an initial bit where your body is adapting to the new stimulus then you will lose weight initially but quite soon that will plateau out and that weight loss will stop because your body will adapt to that and probably your calories will change to compensate for the increase in activity. ,

CrossFit won't make you lose weight, but CrossFit alongside a healthy lifestyle, will make you lose weight.  that's important because I think, it does help to lose weight, because I think once you have one healthy habit in your life  with my petite clients, I'll must not talk about food initially, I'll just say, let's get you trained first of all, let's get you get you doing a regular consistent training and we want to get that consistency in. , if you're training consistently, that's one habit you can form. Once that habit's formed, we can start talking about hydration, we talked about this in my video previously, about the best way to get you fitter and then we can layer it on one step at a time but at some point, you do must hit that nutrition side because that is the biggest point and not just for weight loss but also for performance because you need the right mix of macros to get the most out of your performance, to get the most out of your intervals, not just in your training, but in life as well. If you want everything to, sort of, be performing at an optimum. Then we need to look at that as well., hopefully,

I've rambled a bit there, but hopefully, that answers the three questions I get asked most frequently in my CrossFit consultations.  if you have any questions that you'd like me to answer in one of these videos, which I'm going to make into a podcast, guys for you soon because I know that a lot of these are just me chatting and I think it'd be easier for you to listen to this when you're out on a walk or in your car. , check it out, I'll be uploading these to a podcast soon. I hope you enjoy that but if you've got any questions, please put them in the comments below or if you see it on Facebook, put it down there or drop me an email at and I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks guys. Thanks for watching guys! Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and check me out on Facebook!

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