My minds telling me no, but my coach is telling me go

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My minds telling me no, but my coach is telling me go

 How to change your mindset to push through the tough workouts:           

 Few years ago I decided to become quad-bike instructor. I remember thisas near deathexperience. The Seniorinstructor dragged me through the forest up hill, down hill and through all sorts of obstacles..I pictured myself being crushed by the quad- bike rolling down the hill.. At this point instructor stopped and said these memorable and awfully obvious words: ‘Quad bike is able to drive everywhere -the only restriction is your mind’. It was like a strike of the lightning. The change in my performance was immediate. Why?

 I understood that everything depends on me.

We often block our own potential by not even trying. Your brain loves comfort zone .No wonder that instead of doing 100 burpees it will choose sofa&pizza. But in the long run- will it really make you feel good?

To cut to the chase:  you come in to the box for the session. On the white board you see the worst  ever WOD scenario, everything that you are afraid of.

Let’s stop here for a moment. What happens in your head? Panic attack, stress ,resignation maybe?

Stay calm. Cut the flow of negative inner dialogue .Control the situation.

1. Know your limits:

Choose your level -the  one that is still a challenge but will allow you to sustain high intensity &good technique with  the full range of motion.

2. Remember that it was your choice to come to the box, you’re doing this for yourself to become more fit & confident person.

3. Always listen to your coach - my personal favourite!

Your coach will always push you towards-having your skill level in mind. If you’re advanced he will push you towards RX, if you’re beginner he will keep you on high intensity on scaled version of WOD.

4. From the physical point of view (psychological as well) you always have backup energy storage ’ just waiting to be released by your mind.

You feel extremely tired. Barbell becomes heavier and heavier. The mind vs body battle is on:I can’t do it. I’m exhausted. It’s too difficult etc..And suddenly you hear the voice:  YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP MOVING! ONE MORE! COME ON! Coach and your mates cheering you on, believing in your abilities.  I’m are not alone. It’s not that bad. If they can do it I can. BOOM. Your potential is released  and comfort zone boundary is moved once again. It really doesn’t hurt much more if:  you try to row bit faster, the breaks between reps are little bit shorter.

Focus on the task, on each movement, on your breathing.

Useful tip: Example: You have 100 push press to do. Don’t focus on the number. Plan the WOD as it is only 5 times 20. Sounds better? Keep up the pace and believe in yourself.

‘Worst ever WOD ‘ is over. You’re lying on the floor ,out of breath but really proud of yourself. Invincible. After all : it wasn’t that difficult or impossible.

 It was a matter of attitude.


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