New Programming Changes

CrossFit Chiltern
New Programming Changes

We wanted to inform you of some changes to our programming template that will take
place in following the CrossFit Open starting on Monday, March 26th.

Having a set template ensures you stay away from overtraining and overuse injury;
things that are common in CrossFit that we'll always want to be ahead of and avoid.
This is why we consistently perform certain modalities of training on certain days.
Having the perfect scenario with group classes is nearly impossible, but being able to
evolve and improve our delivery is paramount to your success.

We are confident that this slight improvement to our template will still give us the
excellent results we have consistently seen but also allow for more of you to progress
faster and not miss out on valuable barbell work. While this change is subtle, you’ll
likely find yourself to be motivated to train more often!

The New Template
- Max Effort Lower Body Movement
- Conditioning (High Intensity)
- Accessory Work
- Max Effort Upper Variation
- Conditioning (Low to Moderate Intensity)
- Accessory Work
- Low Skill GPP Work or Special Exercise Work
- Skill Development Work
- Aerobic Work
- Dynamic Effort Lower Body
- Moderate to High-Intensity Conditioning
- Accessory Work
- Dynamic Effort Upper Body
- Low to Moderate effort Conditioning
- Accessory Work
- Partner Conditioning Piece (Intensity zone will vary)

Overall, the difference is small, and the issue of people only coming certain days
should not matter anymore, as whichever variation of schedule you choose you’ll still
receive equal parts of strength and conditioning. Additionally, you’ll still receive built-in
recovery if you decide to train 5+ days in a row and not run the risk of overtraining.
Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the box!

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