Nutrition- The Base of the CrossFit Pyramid

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Nutrition- The Base of the CrossFit Pyramid

Whenever I’m asked whether CrossFit will help someone lose weight/fat I always answer with ‘it depends’. The reason I say that is that it does really depend on whether you are taking the whole philosophy of CrossFit into your life or if it’s just the training.

  Although there are some other factors. Whichever way you look at it losing body fat primarily depends upon your calories in vs calories out.  Therefore if you train CrossFit every day then you are increasing your calories expended. If this results in a nett deficit then you will lose fat. However most people don’t train every day and therefore won’t have this deficit every day and also they tend to compensate for their training with more calories on training days. The ‘I’ve earned it!’ mentality.

I set up in fitness to get people healthier. This doesn’t mean I need to see all my clients with six packs and incredibly lean. What I do want to see if people reducing their body fat to levels which dramatically reduce their risk of chronic disease. The only way to achieve this is to work as hard at nutrition as you do at your training. Therefore if you spend 4 hours a week training, it’s realistic to put in the same amount of time to planning, and preparing your meals. This doesn’t mean extensive meal prep. This just means taking 5-10 minutes per meal ensuring you are getting the right nutrients and portion size to sustain your energy expenditure and not body fat.

In future posts I’ll be giving further advice on this but for now you can see more of my nutrition help on the blog section of the website.

Take some time to look at your nutrition, get involved in our nutrition challenges and you’ll start to see results with your body composition as well as your fitness.

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