Open Gym Time – How do I use it.

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Open Gym Time – How do I use it.

As you can see on your booking app we have spaces for something called Open Gym for members. This is basically a time where the box is open and available for use when there’s no classes going on. But often people don’t use it as they’re not sure what to do. Here’s what I suggest:

Catch up on missed WODS – Look back on your sugarWOD at a workout you’ve missed out on and jump straight into it. Choose a workout that you know all the movements to and that isn’t too close to what you did the day before. If you’re unsure how to warm up the simplest thing to do is to spend 2-3 minutes foam rolling anywhere that feels tight focussing on areas you’ll be using in the workout. Then spend around 5 minutes on a rower/bike, ski erg. After that you can simply go through the movements in the workout with little to no weight and complete small rounds of the work increasing weight and intensity as you go.  For the workout itself go lighter than you think and focus on quality movements. There’s no coach there to spot errors and correct so always scale to movement, load and intensity to a level that you feel you can maintain the best form possible.

Work on skills/weaknesses – This is one of the best things to do. Practice skills and movements you need to improve. When doing skill work you intensity should be lower as the focus is on quality over quantity. If you aren’t sure how to improve then book a PT session and ask coach to give you some drills/movements to work on in Open gym. If it’s a weakness in capacity then EMOMs are a good option. Set yourself one or two movements and work on completing say 10 reps of the movement to start and then when the time comes round to a minute repeat that work or work on the alternate movement. Continue this for whatever duration of EMOM fits your schedule.

Get some LISS in. – Low intensity steady state cardio has great value in recovery and building a base of fitness. Come in a jump on a rower, erg or bike and work for 20-30 minutes. It’s also another good way to keep the body burning fat.


Open gym may not be quite as optimal as attending class but it’s a great option for getting you better. Take advantage!

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