Partner Workouts

CrossFit Chiltern
Partner Workouts

There’s a reason we love team workouts at CrossFit Chiltern. From a programming perspective it’s a great way to integrate interval training into sessions. By having partners and teams share reps/rounds we can dictate the work to rest ratio of a workout. Often allowing for 1:1 work:rest or 1:2 work rest.

In addition, having a partner adds another layer of accountability to your training. For me I never work harder than I do in a partner workout as I’m pushed to work hard for the team.

In addition, pairing athletes of two different abilities allows for the more advanced to help out the other athlete by coaching, taking on more of the workload and just great encouragement.

You never have to worry about letting anyone down in a partner workout as they are all just about having great fun. If I work with a slower athlete, it doesn’t mean I get a lesser workout. It just enables me to rest longer which means I can push harder each time. I have measured using my Garmin tracker multiple partner workouts and the workload of every workout has not been affected by the speed of my partner.

If you haven’t participated in a Saturday or other team workout then I suggest you give it a try. It’s a different experience to a individual WOD and subjecting yourself to different stimuli is what CrossFit is all about. Plus they are always fantastic fun!!

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