Pec smash and stretch

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Pec smash and stretch

- - This is another video on overhead mobility. We're going to talk today about tightness in your pecs, okay, in your chest muscles, if you're tight through here, and most people are because we have a daily routine where we spend a lot of time in poor posture positions.

For example, you're standing there, looking at your phone, driving your car, sitting on a fa at home, on a laptop, whatever. We're in a position, we talked about it a little bit last time when I was doing the video overhead mobility. We talked about people getting in kyphotic posture, where their shoulders and their thoracic spine is getting curved forward. That al causes tightness around here, often we end up with a scapula that's rounded, okay, angled forward here because our shoulders are rounded, what are we going to do?

Two moves we're going to do to fix that. First thing is a pec smash with a lacrosse ball. Get yourself a lacrosse ball on Amazon, very cheap. You're going to put it on the rig, let me show you, you're going to put it here like this. Okay, but I'm going to show you where you need to get it. You need to get it to sit across this band of tissue here.  if you bring your arm up into a scarecrow position. Rotate, your upper arm is vertical here. This arm is horizontal, and you'll feel a muscle here. A band of muscle running across the shoulder. We want to get the lacrosse ball, we want to get it on the front there, Right under the shoulder. We want to bring it onto a door frame or if you've got a rig okay handy, and bring it there, and you're going to find me areas of tightness, and you're going to work into there.  you're going to do that and hold it with the other hand and just rotate through that. Lean into there. Work that arm up and down from internal to external rotation. Just working through that. You can do a little bit of a press as well.  we're just trying to facilitate me relaxation in that muscle there. Do that on both sides. Once you've done that, you can put the lacrosse ball down.  we are going to use that same door frame to do a pec stretch.  you're going to get your upper arm, all this upper arm, against that door frame or against the rig, and you're going to lean into that and rotate.  I am rotating my right shoulder this way.  I'm going to increase the stretch across here, I want to feel the stretch across my chest there.  lean through there, and push that stretch out.  you can change the angle slightly, you can raise the arm if you feel like you get a more effective stretch through here.  you can lower the arm as well, if you feel like you get a bit more stretch through there. You might feel a little bit here as well, across the SCM. It's a really nice stretch. You can add a little bit of a lean to the side as well while you're doing this and just really drive through that. Trying' to open up this chest. If you do that on both sides, you should feel, and I can feel already, that this side has got more range than the other side there. Cause I've loosened up and again that's going to help you to get into a better overhead position.

 It's all going to help you if you're struggling with pull-ups and anything like that because if you tighten your pecs, you're fighting a battle against your tightness all the time.  really important exercise to do to improve posture, to improve range of motion as well. Pec smash, pec stretch. Thanks guys.

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