Rope Climbing

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Rope Climbing

The ability to climb is something that we should all have, but it's lost if we don't practice it regularly. In recent times we have become more and more risk averse with ourselves and our children and as a result become weaker and less resilient as a whole. Here at CrossFit we like to integrate some form of climbing into our programming.

Whether that's a more simple ground to standing rope climb that all our athletes can start with. Then with using the climbing wall, full rope climbs or using a peg board. These are all great ways to work on core control, full body strength and coordination.

Will I get a Rope climb?

If you think you’ll never be able to climb a rope, think again. It’s 50% strength and 50% technique. You’ll build strength by completing upper body work we do in class such as ring rows, ground to standing on a rope. (Lying on the floor and using the rope to pull you to standing), banded pull ups, hanging knee raises, farmers carries and any movement where you are pulling a dumbbell or barbell. Then pay attention to learning the J-Hook from coaches as this will allow you to use your legs as a major assistance in the lift.

It’s one achievement that you may get earlier than you think and once you’ve got it your on the path to being able to do pull ups and toes to bar as this exercise builds strength for both of these and more,

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