Single Modality Days

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Single Modality Days

In CrossFit we perform a large variety of movements. Some of these can be pretty complex. Our no.1 priority at CrossFit Chiltern is getting our clients healthier. To do this we require great movement quality. From my experience coaching for over 20 years I understand that improvement requires time. This is where single modality days can add enormous value.


A coach having the time to work with athletes for the majority of the class means that they can get deeper into the movements. In my PT sessions I can often work for an hour to get someone towards a single movement and as a golf coach I can work for multiple sessions on a single move in the golf swing. Creating workouts where our coaches can spend extended periods of time teaching and coaching a movement has enormous value.


The ability to practice movement without time pressure will allow you to refine your technique much faster than always trying to improve on the fly. Moving better should always be your first priority.

Benefits of moving better:

·        Achieving the desired physical adaptation from the movement: For example; in the snatch this would be making the lift by creating power and speed from core to extremity. As opposed to yanking the bar from the floor with your back and pulling overhead with your arms.

·        Much reduced risk of injury.

·        Increased efficiency: If you can move better, you can move more weight over more reps. This increases your work capacity. If you are moving more weight over the same amount of time you are getting fitter. It’s been shown multiple times that work capacity is one of the best indicators of your actual level of fitness. Much more so than V02 max and resting heart rate. Improving your work capacity shows up in real life so anything you can do to increase this is of great benefit.

·        Improved posture, physique and range of motion: If you are moving correctly and fighting hard for great positions then you will be training yourself to move better in life. Look at the people who move the best; gymnasts, Olympic lifters, dancers. They all have great posture, great range of motion and great physiques (excluding maybe the heavyweight Olympic lifters who gain benefit from being as heavy as possible). If you like most people who train do so to look and feel better then you’d better be spending the majority of your time trying to move better.

Stop placing all of your value on volume

The athletes that don’t understand these benefits are usually the ones that desire more and more volume. They value sweaty breathy workouts that leave you sore for days. Given the choice they would do 2-3 metcons (the sweaty bit) in the hour or only do Hero (30+ minute) workouts. They definitely won’t turn up on a skill day. These athletes are likely to stagnate in their results or get injured. There has to be an emphasis placed on quality over quantity. If you want to just get sweaty for class then your better joining a boot camp or a spin class. If you genuinely want to get healthier and be coached then stick with us.

Changes to your body doesn’t just come calories burned

Remember that positive changes to your body will come as a result of the neuro-endocrine (mind & hormonal) response, increased lean tissue from strength training and reduced body fat. Plus the postural changes from moving better. If you’re main priority is reducing bodyfat then what you do in the other 23 hours of the day will have a far bigger effect than the calories burned in an hour of class. Increased daily movement and the correct intake of calories and macronutrients are of much bigger priority. This is why we’ll be running more nutrition challenges this year to keep you on track for your body composition goals.

Remember I started CrossFit Chiltern to get people fitter, happier and healthier and I know that to do this we need to spend time working on movement. Let’s make 2020 a year where we all strive to move to the best of our abilities.

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