Sled pushes with the 'Bring Your Baby' mums

CrossFit Chiltern
Sled pushes with the 'Bring Your Baby' mums

The sled is in my opinion one of the greatest weapons for strength, conditioning and overall fitness. It can be pushed, pulled or dragged.  

Each one of those options works the whole body to build muscle and increase fitness.  The sled wont ever push or pull itself, so you HAVE TO WORK HARD! Whilst there is technique involved to protect the back and gain maximum benefit from it, the risk of injury is very very low.

For new users we recommend low weight & high speed pushed and pulls increasing weekly to more weighted workouts and higher intensity drills. It is lower body dominant so a pre-requisite for foam rolling lower limb muscles is a must (calves, hamstrings and quads)

At Limitless & Crossfit Chiltern we use the sled as a GPP exercise, meaning General Physical Preparation and its programmed into our “gymnastic” workouts.  Normally you’ll find that you can increase your weights quite quickly with the sled and in a very short time you will be feeling physically fitter and mentally stronger to complete the toughest of workouts. 

I cannot recommend another piece of equipment that gives you so much bang for your buck! Literally multiple muscles work during this type of workout including the heart and the lungs. So if your goal is to lose body fat, increase muscular strength and feel like you can sprint for the bus the sled push is definately for you! 

Kelly - CrossFit Chiltern Coach

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