Spring Nutrition Kickstart - Preparing for week 1.

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Spring Nutrition Kickstart - Preparing for week 1.

Week 1 of the Spring Nutrition Kickstart starts Monday 3rd May. It will run for 4 weeks and finish on the next bank holiday weekend Sunday 30th May.

Following which on Monday 31st May will complete the Hero workout ‘Murph’. This is a long bodyweight workout, getting your body composition better by then is a big advantage.

Here are my initial instructions. Please check out my video for full details.

 If you haven't done so already please join MyFitnessPal and add crossfit_chiltern as a friend. Change your privacy settings to allow friends to view your food diary.

Track your food

This week is all about getting used to tracking so I am keeping it simple. All you have to do is track your food.

You do not need to make any major changes to your diet for week 1 as we can use it to get a baseline for your regular diet habits. This will give us data on macronutrient intake (proteins, fats, carbs) & calories.

 Build Your Database

In addition it gives people who have not used the app a chance to get to grips with it and build up their database of recipes and meals.

 Weigh and Measure

Remember to be accurate you will need to weigh and measure ingredients and portions. The easiest way to do this is put your pan/bowl/plate on a scale and measure as you add foods.

 Add Meals and Recipes In the video I go through adding foods, creating meals and the amazing feature it has of importing recipes direct from a web address.

 Do not be overwhelmed

The first time you use the app it can be a bit daunting. Which is why week 1 involves no nutrition rules at all. Just focus on the tracking and getting to grips with the software. I will be adding regular content to help you on your way.

Measure your body composition on our InBody Analyser

The best way to track whether your food intake is appropriate is by measuring the effect on your body composition. This should not be done by using grossly inaccurate home scales. Even those costing hundreds of pounds are terrible at giving accurate results for bodyfat and muscle mass. Come in this week and measure yourself accurately on our medical grade analyser. It is free for all members. Check out the InBody page for the protocols of use. STICK TO THE PROTOCOLS. If you measure post-workout or post big meals then you may as well not bother as the readouts will be skewed.

Go Full CrossFit

 In CrossFit we regard Nutrition as the base of the fitness pyramid. This means it's the most important part!! Don't do half CrossFit as your results will be reflected in your commitment.

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