Spring Nutrition Kickstart - Week 2, Planning and Calories

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Spring Nutrition Kickstart - Week 2, Planning and Calories

This week you have two tasks:

The first is to set a calorie target and stick to it. Use the InBody or the tools provided by Myfitnesspal to help set your initial intake targets.

In this video I explain the 'accuracy' of calories and total daily energy expenditure numbers. The key is not the actual numbers but using them and your body composition data to establish effectiveness and make amendments when required.

The second goal is to start planning meals. For this week we will just aim to plan one meal a day. For most this will be breakfast. Input this for the next 7 days (starting Monday) into Myfitnesspal. Planning one meal will help you with your calorie management.

Good luck with week 2. as always I am happy to answer any questions you have on the Kickstart and also on my somewhat rambling video! :)

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