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Stop chasing perfection

Stop searching for perfection


If you browse the internet for fitness advice you are going to find a plethora of articles and posts claiming the best workouts, diets, exercises, and regimes. There is so much information out there that it is overwhelming.

It is easy to get caught up in the search for perfection. The problem is that when you are in the search you never get to act.


Weight Loss

When it comes to training for weight loss people get caught up in the debate of whether cardio or resistance training is better.

·        They consider the benefits of HIIT over steady state cardio.

·        Should you train fasted?

·        When is the best time of day to train?


For strength training there are multiple programmes to follow: Classic bodybuilding, 5x5 or 5-3-1, Linear Progressions, Conjugate, or any of the online offerings out there that claim to be the best scientifically proven method to get strong.

The truth is that for 99.99% of people training our training age (the number of years/hours trained) is still young and whatever system of strength training we participate in will give us great results provided we can be consisted with it. The same comes when seeking to help weight loss through training. The difference in total calories burned during and in the subsequent recovery period of any workout that takes around 60minutes is going to be minimal. The long steady state will burn more during the workout than a shorter HIIT session or a strength session, but these will burn most calories post workout. There is probably fewer than 200calories difference between any workout, which is less than a chocolate bar in difference!!



Choosing whether to perform a dumbbell bench press or press ups, squats, or lunges again is a debate that is a time waster. It’s great click-bait when a post says, ‘Stop squatting and do this instead to build your glutes’ or ‘The best exercise to get a six pack’. The truth is there are very few bad exercises, especially when it comes to exercises that have been staples of training for decades. Yes, maybe standing on a swiss ball performing bicep curls whilst you have a band around your knees could be one the bad ones! But compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses, and pulls and carries in their different variations are all green light exercises. The execution of these exercises is far more important than which one you use. If your training legs then squats, deadlifts, lunges, step ups all have their value.


This is probably the area I see most people frozen in their search for perfection. The options are vast:

·        Static, dynamic or contract relax stretching

·        Active or passive mobility

·        Foam rolling, percussion massage, scraping, flossing.

·        Band assisted work

·        Pre or post workout

·        Duration

There are so many choices that people choose nothing. The truth is that any mobility will get you some progress so do something! If you are not sure what to do then the simple solution is to choose what movement/position you are looking to improve and just work on moving through that position, I guarantee that this will bring results. Maybe adding some extra mobility will accelerate the process but whilst you search for the golden elixir of mobility DO something!!! Improve your front rack by moving through that. Improve overhead position by pressing a bar/PVC pipe overhead, squat better by squatting more!


Diet is such a huge subject that I will discuss this in more detail in future videos but for now the answer to what diet is best is: ANY of THEM! Every single ‘mainstream’ diet (Ignore cabbage soup, other single food diets!) will yield results if followed closely. The problem most people have is that they half-arse their way through because they are not convinced it is the right diet for them. 75% compliance to any diet does not give you 75% results, unfortunately for most 75% compliance will bring little to no results. The key is commitment.

Whether it is training, or exercise do not let yourself get frozen by the search for perfection. It is this fear that you are wasting time that stops you from acting. As a result you waste more time. If you want some simple tips on what to do for the above here is a blanket guide to what does need to happen.

General Training

Ensure your training contains some strength training and some cardio. These can be combined or separate,


HIIT or lower intensity or a mix.

Strength Training

Perform large compound (functional) movements for most of your training. Have recovery days from movements to allow muscle to grow.


Spend at least 5 mins 5 days a week working on improving each desired position. This can be as part of your warmup or cool down. Anything else you do on top of this is a bonus.


Stick 100% to whatever diet you choose. If you do not see results in 2-4 weeks (newer, higher bodyfat athletes can check after 2 weeks. More experience athletes may take longer to show results). If have stuck 100% to the diet and see no results either tweak the diet you are on or change diet. If you do not stick 100% to it then you cannot gauge its effectiveness.

As you would expect the best solution to all the above would be to join us at CrossFit Chiltern. We programme every day to get you fitter, leaner and healthier. Functional fitness that improves the 10 components of fitness, strength, power, speed, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, balance, mobility, coordination, accuracy, and agility. Plus we participate in several nutrition challenges to get your diet on point.

Even joining CrossFit people are frozen in search of perfection. They wait until they are ‘fit enough’, you are fit enough today. ‘Lean enough’ you are lean enough today. You do not need to be ready for CrossFit. The only way to get ready is to join. We get you ready. So make today the day you act. Stop waiting for tomorrow or Monday, the perfect time to start is right now.







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