Stop wasting time at the gym.

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Stop wasting time at the gym.

- - Hi guys, today's video is about why 90% of the space in your normal gym is wasted, and how you can get an effective workout anywhere. I get asked a lot why we don't use machines here at CrossFit Chiltern, and at our studio Limitless in Berkhamsted, and the main reason I don't use the machines is because most machines are useless for most people's needs.  you spend all day, if you've got an office job, sitting down, or most of the day.

You spend a lot of the day sitting down when you commute to work, and then you get home, and you're going to sit on the sofa.  what's the best thing to do when you get to the gym? Well, it's not going to be sitting down on the pec deck machine doing this. All right? That is not going to be of any physical benefit to you.

Machines are useful if you are trying to build hypertrophy and add volume of work into a training. In other words, you want to do more and more sets or target specific muscles.  when I start to talk about hypertrophy, I'm talking about people doing bodybuilding.  yes, those guys at the gym that want to just work on their mirror muscles, and they just want to build up their pecs, then yeah, they can obviously do alongside their other stuff, so alongside traditional barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press, they might stick some machine work in there as well. But for most people who are looking to get fitter, machines are pretty much a waste of your time.

You could be spending your time doing some much better stuff, okay? Here, we've only got a couple of machines. In the CrossFit gym, all we have is assault bikes and rowers, and then we have a couple of other bits of kit we use for accessory work, but most of the time, we're using free weights, and I think some people, when they go to the gym, they're scared about using free weights, which is why they resort to the machines. I mean, most people I talk to, when they're coming in for their consultation, either for personal training, or for membership here, when they talk about the gym, they talk about that they don't really know what to do. They're sort of unsure as to what machines to use, or what free weights to use, so that all they'll do is they'll do what I call, and

I've called it before, the 20/20/20 workout, where they're going to the gym and they'll spend 20 minutes on they elliptical machine, or the cross trainer, 20 minutes on the bike, and then 20 minutes on the treadmill, and that's their workout, done. It's not going to give you much bang for your buck. You're going to spend an hour in gym, and you're going to not really get a complete workout.

I'm going to give an example here of something you can do safely in the gym, no matter what your level of fitness is, and it should challenge you, and work all of your muscle groups. , those of you that have difficulties squatting, maybe have problems when you do squats, and you're a bit new to that, and you're a bit afraid of squatting, you're going to do an exercise where you're going to use the box here, okay?  you're going to do a box squat.  a box squat, I'm going to stand here, make sure I'm going to reach the box with my bottom, and I'm going to go down, sit down, and stand back up again. That's a box squat.  

The exercise that I'm going to do in this workout is called a thruster.  normally it would be a free squat pressing dumbbells overhead. On this occasion, I'm going to step up here, dumbbells on my shoulders, I'm going to sit down, and you're going to drive up. Sit down, press straight up. I'm keeping the dumbbells in a hammer position here, and it's just simpler to learn this way.  tuck in your shoulders, head of the dumbbells on your shoulders here, standing up, pressing straight up. Look straight ahead. Don't look up when you do this, because you'll extend your back and end up like this., drop down, press up. You're doing that, when you're holding anything up here, you're going to be working your midline stability. Also, you're going to be working your legs. Heavier the weight, the more your legs are working, and big time in the shoulders as well. It's a simple, pretty much an all-rounder, really.

 We're going to add in to that an exercise called a bent over row. We're going to use the same pair of dumbbells. Bow forward here. Back muscles are straight, shoulders in front of the hands. We're not in this position here. Shoulders just in front of our hands here. What you're going to do is row those dumbbells parallel to your thighs, squeeze shoulder blades together. Notice how I'm not moving the rest of my body a lot. Do I end up do this? I start jumping up. Stay nice and level, and just row up here. Try to feel when you're doing this, the squeeze in between your shoulder blades. That's a bent over row.  

The final one I'm going to do is a kettlebell swing.  people see this, and they think, oh it's explosive, a bit dangerous. Okay, if you do it correctly, it should be perfectly safe. Choose a light weight if you've never done it before and learn the technique.  get your feet wide enough that the kettlebell is going to fit between your legs. Keeping your back straight and neutral, you're going to hinge from your waist, and you're going to hitch that kettlebell just below your crotch, okay?  from there, you're going to use these muscles here, and you're going to drive your hips forward, and that kettlebell is going to swing up to shoulder height, okay? Some people might call this a Russian swing, for now, we'll just call it a kettlebell swing.  that exercise is working all your posterior chain, so midline stability, especially through the lower back area here. You should be using the glutes for a lot of the power source and you're using your hamstrings as well, and to some extent, your quadriceps as well, as you're getting that extension here.

Combine that with your bent over row, which is obviously working the middle back. Combine it with your thrusters, and you're going to be working shoulders, back of the arms, and legs.

We're going to add in to that either some rowing, some bike. We've got an assault bike here. Or if you've got no equipment, let's say, for example, you wanted to do this workout at home, you can just use a skipping rope., the choice is yours, and the workout today is going to be a 250-meter row, alternatively 500-meter bike ride, or 50 skips. That's the first part of the workout.  250 row, or 500 meter bike ride, or 50 skips. You're going to follow that with 10 thrusters, 10 bent over row, and 20 swings. You can repeat that three times, if you've got time. If you only got time for a quick, five-minute workout, then you can just do one round, because obviously, five minutes exercise is better than zero minutes exercise., give this a little go at home, or in the gym. It's going to be a quick, efficient workout. You're getting loads of bang for your buck, and you're not going to be spending the time in the gym just sitting on your ass. I'm going to give it a go. Have a little look, and any questions can be put in our comments below. Cheers, guys.  I hope you enjoyed that video, guys.

I'm always looking for more questions to answer, so if you've got anything you'd like answered on fitness, nutrition, or anything else, then please post in the comments below, or drop me an email.

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