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Whenever I’m asked about supplements my first question is always what is the rest of your diet like? Before you even start thinking about the small benefits taking supplements will give you must first look at whether you are doing enough to need them.

Are you tracking your macros?

If you don’t know how much protein, carbs and fats you are having then how do you know you need to supplement. Track these first before you consider taking protein or carb shakes.

Are you getting as much sleep as possible?

Looking at supplements to improve recovery and increase your ability to build muscle? Well if you are able to sleep for 7-8 hours with quality this will have a far greater effect than creatine or anything else. So if you can make changes to get more sleep such as cutting out 1 episode of a box set, not going out too late or just choosing an earlier bed time then this will have benefit of probably ten fold over supplementation.

Are you training consistently 4 or more days a week?

Again, this will have a greater benefit than any supplementation.

Are you eating good whole foods as the majority of your diet.

If you’re trying to reduce inflammation by taking fish or omega 3’s and magnesium but your diet is fully of processed food and alcohol then your putting a plaster over a larger problem. Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio is what has the real effect on inflammation so keep omega 6 down by avoiding pro inflammatory foods and that can solve the problem, possibly without supplementation.

Are you working on quality movements and mobility

Bigger gains from this.

If you are doing everything you can to get better and your diet is on point. Then you can start thinking about supplements. These are what I recommend. The disclaimer is that we are all different and omega 3’s, magnesium and vitamin d levels can vary by individual so the only true way pf knowing is by finding out your own levels. But as a general rule I would recommend.

Omega 3 – For glucose management, joint health, reduced inflammation and reduced DOMS. Plus better mental cognition.

Magnesium – Essential for the energy cycle, especially in strength work. Plus for protein synthesis

Vitamin D3 – Pretty essential to keep you at physical and mental 100%

Creatine – The only proven supplement to help with muscle growth and producing ATP which is important for high intensity exercise and heavy lifting. It’s naturally occurring inside our muscle cells but we can boost levels by supplementation. People respond differently to creatine, many have great results, others not so much. It’s a give it a try supplement.

Protein – Essential to have enough for you body to repair and grow. You may need to supplement especially if you are on a lower calorie diet or a vegetarian.

That is all I really recommend, I’m sure some of you might have great results with other products but for me these are the essentials. But remember, get everything else right first as this will have a far greater benefit than the supplementation alone.

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