Surviving the Lockdown – Goal Setting

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Surviving the Lockdown – Goal Setting

Hopefully you’ve read and started to incorporate some my previous blog into your daily life. A solid routine is the foundation on which progress can be made.

The best time to start is now

Once you’ve got yourself back on an even keel after the huge change it’s tempting to press the pause button on life. The same way that people always seem to want to wait until Monday or the 1st of a month or year to start something new, its easy to just do nothing until the lockdown is over.

Keep moving forwards

The problem with this is that if you’re not moving forwards you’re moving backwards. The world keeps turning and time keeps pushing on, so we can’t just stand still and wait for normality to resume.

Accept the new normal

We need to accept that this is the new normal and it may well be the case for a long time to come. So let’s accept the situation we’re in and take as many positives into it as possible. There are going to be some tough times ahead which makes it even more important to have something to strive towards each day to get us through it.

What can we work on whilst we’re locked down?

Fitness Goals

We let’s see what we have control over. For exercise we may not be able to increase the weight of our lifting PR’s and probably can’t do most CrossFit benchmarks but we can get some great improvements on bodyweight or light weightwork.

We can improve

Plan your attack

The goal setting for this isn’t worth anything if you don’t follow it up with a plan of attack. This then involves you setting a commitment of how you plan on achieving this. For example :

Get Specific

Once you’ve established that it’s time to get specific. When are you going to complete this work. The more specific you set this habit the more likely you are to complete it. Setting the task to follow or precede another days event is a good way to build this in.

An example would be:

I commit to completing 10 Press ups every day after I wake up and before I get in the shower, I’ll increase the number by 1 each day.


Before lunch every day I’ll complete my couch to 5k for that day. (great app for those wanting to start running!)

Once you’ve made a specific commitment it’s important you set smaller tasks to set you up for success. This could be as simple as the before you brush your teeth at night ensure you put your running gear out and your running shoes by the front door.

Being fully prepared to do this task makes it far more likely to happen.

Non-Fitness Goals to get you happier and healthier

Remember it doesn’t have to be a fitness goal. At CrossFit Chiltern our aim is to get you fitter, happier and healthier. That means mental and physical health. Learning a new skill or musical instrument could have the same commitment of time per day or repetitions of a part of a song.

You could have a goal of building better relationships with friends and family. This can involve a commitment to speak on the phone to one person each day for the period of the lockdown. (text’s don’t count!)

Maybe it could be being a better partner. Committing to completing an extra task each day to help them.

The purpose of all of this is to ensure we keep growing and improving as people and don’t allow events to put our life on hold. This crisis is a giant excuse but we have used much smaller reasons to not do something and now is the time to stop making excuses and start taking action.

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