Surviving the Lockdown - Making the most of our Remote Programme

CrossFit Chiltern
Surviving the Lockdown - Making the most of our Remote Programme


I hope all of you have taken advantage of the remote training we have implemented here at CrossFit Chiltern. Here’s a reminder of what’s available online:


CrossFit Classes


All scaled to fit abilities, equipment and space restrictions that some of us may currently have. You can access these live and also recordings of every daily WOD.


1:1 Online Programming

1:1 Online Programming


Provided via our Truecoach platform all CrossFit members can receive free access to our Online programming. This involves you completing the form online. You’ll then be set up with an account on Truecoach and assigned to a relevant coach. On your profile you can complete a list of the equipment you have available and the coach will then programme workouts for you.


Your number of weekly sessions programmed will correlate to your current CrossFit membership. Those of you who have already signed up should expect to start receiving workouts from Monday. Please use the chat function on the Truecoach app to communicate with your coach. That was the programming can be refined each session to truly fit your needs.


Always log and record your workouts as this helps coaches with future programming and also to ensure that you are being compliant with the training.


This 1:1 programme completed alongside your regular WODs will really enable you to keep improving you fitness throughout the lockdown period.


Speciality Classes


Over the lockdown we’re taking the chance to offer classes to get you healthier and moving better. We’ve already started a regular Friday night yoga and meditation class with the lovely Rita Cox. We’ll also soon be announcing some skills sessions. Included will be a handstand workshop and also some Olympic lifting coaching (bring your broomhandles!).


Plus we hope to be able to give you access to some of coach Claudia’s HIIT Sessions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, as we learn how to get the most out of the technology to take your fitness to the next level.


GOWOD Mobility App


As a box member all new sign ups to GOWOD receive 40 days free. Email us for the access code when signing up. GOWOD is a great app that tests you mobility and then provides bespoke mobility workouts based upon your current flexibility and also the workouts you are competing that day. Take advantage of this time at home to move better.


1:1 Remote PT Sessions

Personal Training


Many of you have already taken the opportunity to shift your 1:1 training online. With 1:1 training you get the benefit of 1:1 programming with a coach to assess form, motivate and adapt sessions on demand. If you’re not already signed up to personal training it’s not too late. Contact us to get started!


Get the most out of Remote Sessions


Having delivered several of these sessions I’ve put together a list of how you guys can get the most out of them.


·        Be prepared. Look at the upcoming workout on sugarWOD (groups)/Truecoach (1:1) and ensure you have your training space set up with the right equipment, the layout to move around in and if there’s running or skipping then the space you’ll need.  Also think about where your screen/camera will be to give you and the coach the best view.


·        Have a Bluetooth headset/earpods. Much better for audio quality and also allows you to play music in the room without messing up the coaches audio. If using a laptop without Bluetooth you can buy a Bluetooth adaptor for under £10 that will allow you to hook up a headset.


·        Set up video correctly. Ensure the screen is in an optimum position, if you can hook your laptop to a big screen then that can really help. (a HMDI cable is all most laptops need)


·        Get a WIFI extender – If you’re in a room where the wifi is dodgy, buy an extender to ensure that your signal doesn’t drop out.


·        Complete sessions live – Coaches love to coach and if you have your video on and the coach can clearly see your movement then it allows us to correct form. Recorded sessions offer more flexibility, live sessions more coaching.


·        Record your workout scores – Just because you’re not at the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t track progress. We will definitely be repeating some workouts back at the gym so keep logging on sugarWOD/Truecoach.


I hope all of you are making the most of all we have on offer at CrossFit Chiltern. It’s my belief that you should all be coming back to the box fitter than before. Yes you may not be moving heavy weights and that may be an area that we need to improve upon return, but your movement quality, flexibility, general fitness should all keep improving. Stay strong, stay safe and get involved!


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