Surviving the Lockdown - Routine

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Surviving the Lockdown - Routine

We are a few days into the lockdown. The initial shock of it is wearing off and its’ time to get our lives back on track. The first thing we need to do is establish routines. When you shift from your old routines that were enforced by the daily commute, school drop off and pick up and other appointments to a more flexible work from home environment it’s easy to slip into some bad habits:

·        Getting up late

·        Skipping Workouts

·        Staying up late

·        Working too much

·        Working too little

·        Watching Screens all day

·        Grazing food throughout the day

When things are getting out of control we need to take control of what we can. Our daily routine is one of these. Here are a couple of examples to help guide you

Single Person

SP Routine.png
<img src="" alt="SP Routine.png" />

This is someone who has no-one else at home, no kids and a full-time job. The key here is to maximise all this extra free time and use this period of lockdown as a real opportunity to learn new skills and optimise your fitness.

Having similar wake-up and bed times is really beneficial for your recovery so try and avoid the weekends of 2am – 12pm sleep patterns!

The Working Couple with kids

This is more complicated structure as rather than having more time you may well have to cram a lot more into your days as you’ll probably have less time than before the lockdown. But the opportunity is still there, this time it’s to grow your relationship with your kids. Building them into a routine is also really important with their development and to reduce the shock of when normal life resumes.


<img src="" alt="" />

Non-Working Day

<img src="" alt="" />

In these routines we look to optimise our days as much as possible and build some great workout habits. If you’re asking ‘what about rest days?’ my philosophy is you should never plan for rest days as life generally has a habit of creating those for you. Plan to train every day and just manage your intensity accordingly.

Single Parent

Now I know there will be some single parents out there and I thought about a routine for these guys too. It’s beyond me how you guys do it. Here’s what I came up with. You are heroes!

SParent Routine.png
<img src="" alt="SParent Routine.png" />


I hope this is the first step to adapting to the new normal. I’m going to try and give some helpful hints every day to get you through this unprecedented period.

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