T-Spine Mobility

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T-Spine Mobility

- - Hi guys, quick video on thoracic spine mobility. Okay, so as a follow-up to my previous video on shoulder mobility, or overhead mobility I should say, let's talk a little bit about the thoracic spine and the things we can do to help improve mobility there. Now, some of you may have seen, earlier in our videos we did the peanut drill, but I'm just going to go over that again with you guys., the peanut drill, what you need. Either two of these put into a sock, or more simply, just buy peanut. Just go "peanut massage tool" on Amazon, and you'll find something like this.

Now what we're going to do, we're going to work that thoracic spine.  if you watched the previous video, you've seen the thoracic spine runs from here to here, so base of the neck to about the base of the ribcage here okay, so where the top of this S is. We're going to get down, we're going to find that first point, and we're going to place the peanut so that one ball sits on one side of the vertebrae, the other ball sits on the other side and it sits in a vertical space, okay, the space between the bones of the spine. Now, you're going to hug your arms across like so, that's just going to bring those scapula’s apart and expose that more. Then you're going to roll over, breathe out, and then come back up. Do that three times in each vertebral space. Move up, also do that three times. We'll do that again, roll over, and then we're going to come back up. Sometimes you might want to hang out in a position where it's particularly tight, I might hang out for a little bit longer. What I can also do is come here, and just work a little bit of torso rotation as well, just to try and free up that spine, and then work my way down. Now you can lie vertical for about three movements on each vertebral space, or you can just linger over it and mobilize for a little bit longer. If you're a particularly strong, tight guy, you can grab a plate and hug that into your chest like so, and that'll just help to load that and open that up a little bit more.

Work that all the way from the base all the way up to the top there. You'll feel where it's not going to do any more benefit, you'll feel, "Okay, I can do nothing now." That'll be the top position you're going to work from. Once you've done that, we're going to do a little stretch for your thoracic spine, for extension. Now, I'm going to give you a stretch that you can do at home. This might...

The mobility work doesn't work if you're just doing it now and again. You've must be making it pretty much a daily practice, so if you're identifying this as your area with the most tightness, then this needs to be a daily practice.  you need to use these exercises at home, and I'll show you one with the minimal amount of equipment., you can do this on the side of the bed, on the sofa, somewhere with a similar height. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to, first, I'm going to sit down into my heels, and that's going to stop me from getting too much lumbar extension, which is what this is all for. I'm not going to allow myself to get into lumbar extension here,

Okay, what we want to happen we're trying to work through that upper back.  what we need to do is hang your forearms on the box, sit back into your heels, drop your head down, and feel that stretch through the upper back.  the other affects can go into extension. You can try and open through there allowing the chest to raise up. Now, if you wanted to add a little bit of rotation just glide through that spine. If you do it with a Swiss ball you can get that rotation this way. Otherwise, I'm just going to pick a side for that's just as well. Just to mobilize through there.

Those two simple drills I would suggest hanging out in there for at least a minute, preferably two minutes. Spend another couple of minutes doing that on your thoracic spine.  that's four minutes work. Do that some point during the day. Now, if you're saying you haven't got time, well, if you spend more than four minutes watching television, then you've got time, okay?  the excuses are for those people that don't want to get results. If you want to get results, go on it, because it's going to make a big difference. Thanks for watching guys. Please subscribe to this YouTube channel and check me out on Facebook.

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