The Farmer's Carry

CrossFit Chiltern
The Farmer's Carry

How to do the Farmer's carry at CrossFit Chiltern
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At some point in our lives and for some more frequently than others we carry things-  Right? 

The farmers carry will not only benefit the grip strength it also improves overall core strength, balance, co-ordination, shoulder stability and, most importantly helps our posture. 

There is a heavy focus on building muscular strength into the upper back and trapezius muscles with this exercise. The load is carried forward and its important to keep the chest lifted and shoulders down which stabilises the shoulder capsule and the core is now working HARD! 

This exercise is used to build muscular strength into the shoulders, back and the trunk with a heavy focus on the obliques. Due to the high physical nature of the movement it WILL increase your overall work capacity.  

Not only are weighted carries a physical challenge they are mentally tough too. Loads should start moderately heavy and then increase to heavy when you can maintain excellent spinal alignment and shoulders are stable.  Once the load has been increased then its time to speed up. In a short space of time you will have stronger upper body muscles and be a lot fitter.

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