Toes to Bar – Why and how?

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Toes to Bar – Why and how?

We’ve talked about pull ups, what about toes to bar. This is another goal for people who’ve been training for a while.

Why do we do them?

They build great abdominal and hip flexor strength plus really improve your grip

Strict or Kipping

You’ll see in most metcons with T2B (toes to bar) people swinging up using the kip. This is a way to increase the volume of work you can complete in a workout. Kipping in itself is has the benefit of training core and grip strength so kipping a T2B really allows us to complete more work. However we still should be building that strict strength with strict T2B, leg raises, L-Sits and other such movements. If you can complete 5 strict T2B then kipping T2B become much easier!

How can I get to do them?

Alongside building the strength by working on the movements above and using knee lifts, sit ups or any other appropriate modified option in your metcons you also need to work on technique. Work on your hollow holds and superman holds to improve your kipping mechanics and then perform the same moves hanging in the gym. Then see a coach to help you with the final points of technique.

Do I need them?

If you have a plan to compete then definitely yes. Otherwise much like a lot of the more advanced moves you need them when you are trained enough to perform them. The same way you need to increase the weight on the bar or speed up your time on metcons to keep keep seeing progress in your fitness you need to increase the difficulty of bodyweight movements to do the same. Therefore when you are strong enough to perform them it’s important to learn how to do them to ensure you are being adequately challenged in each workout. So if you are a long way from doing one that’s fine, you are getting plenty of challenge and adaptation from whatever modified movement you replace it with. But if you remain consistent with your training then the day will come when T2B will replace this.

Remember the coaches are here to guide so if you need advice on any movement please ask!

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