Want to build your muscle mass?

CrossFit Chiltern
Want to build your muscle mass?

How to build muscle mass, CrossFit Chiltern, Amersham
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When undergoing a body transformation, it’s difficult to decide what exercises are best suited to gaining more strength and muscle mass. With my own view and personnel experience I would always use compound exercises for sufficient gains and equal body growth.

The Deadlift

The first compound movement I use is a DEADLIFT. It works the legs (hamstrings, Quads) hips (and supporting muscles), abs, forearms (for grip strength) and back (almost every spinal erector, lats, rhomboids, levator scapular and trapezius).

Bench press

The next exercise I would use is a BENCH PRESS The bench press is an upper body strength training exercise that consists of pressing a weight from the supine position (lying flat on a bench facing the ceiling). The main muscles worked here are pec minor and major, and the triceps.

Shoulder press

Moving on to the SHOULDER PRESS. The muscles worked are Deltoids anterior (front), posterior (rear) and biceps and the triceps and is a great exercise for upper body strength.

Front Squat

The front squat works the glutes maximus, adductor magnus, sloeus, hamstrings gastrocemuis (calf) also deltoids, supraspinatus, and all rhomboids. Its a great exercise for power leg movements and also good for sports such sprinting, ruby, and explosive power.

Back Squat

The BACK SQUAT is a full body exercise that trains primary the muscle of the thighs, hips, buttocks - again we are looking at all the muscles which combine the quadriceps.

Look out for our advice coming in the next few weeks which will focus on lifting technique!


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