Weight Loss Obsession

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Weight Loss Obsession

The Weight loss obsession of the fitness industry.

It’s been happening for years and years and it’s only getting worse. The constant pressure on the world to lose weight and what seems like the entire focus of the fitness industry is about what you weigh. With people holding up BMI as a deciding factor in terms of health it seems that unless you are in the zone you should feel guilty about your weight.

Weight depression and anxiety

This obsession really creates a feeling on anxiety amongst people participating in fitness. Instead of focussing on the multitude of health benefits the exercise and movement brings all their attention is on the numbers on the scale. So when this doesn’t change they assume that exercise isn’t working for them and decide to jump onto another fad diet in an attempt to shift the weight.

Don’t believe the hype

The medias constant coverage of weight loss and health and fitness magazines all proudly showing headlines stating the secret to lose a stone in 2 weeks further purveys the attitude. This sends all the wrong messages to people. Teenagers I think are the most vulnerable demographic to this hype. It’s no longer about being healthy, it’s just about not being heavy.


I can't believe how popular the  #instafit guy/girls become. This is the epitomy of vanity and it's making people more and more concious that they need abs and a thigh gap to be confident in themselves. Don't even get me started on the bloody duckface! #justsayno

Yes I know, obesity is a crisis.

Don’t get me wrong, there is an obesity crisis happening in this country and I’m all for promoting healthy diet and making sure people aren’t getting to a weight that is genuinely dangerous to their health. However if the only thought in everyone’s mind when they are at the gym is whether they are losing weight or not then how are they ever going to start enjoying exercise.

How about we focus on something else?

Why not get people enjoying moving more, looking forward to their sessions in the gym. When we train people, we track more data than just weight. Firstly we look at bodyfat % and also body shape for those people who have those goals. Additionally we monitor levels of fitness. Strength for pushing, pulling, lifting and squatting movements. Work capacity is also measured using benchmark workouts. This is a great measure of overall fitness as our benchmarks are varied and test different elements of an athletes fitness. What about looking improvements in quality of life, making everyday tasks easier, sleeping better. Feeling more energised each day. Being able to do more with the kids, or take part in activities you couldn’t before. Probably most importantly gaining self confidence that isn’t based entirely on how you look.

When getting active find your enjoyment in the journey not in the destination

If your only joy in exercising comes from seeing results then you’re going to find motivation and consistency very difficult. Plateaus happen, weight fluctuates, life gets in the way. Find something you can enjoy doing, with people who make it fun and take pleasure in the joy of movement and of improving yourself. Do let the scales weigh you down.

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