What is CrossFit?

CrossFit Chiltern
What is CrossFit?

It is important to understand what defines CrossFit. Its aims, prescription, methodology, implementation and adaptations are unique and what make it so successful.


The aim of CrossFit is to forge broad, general, and inclusive fitness. Preparing athletes for any physical contingency. We want to create physical skills and adaptations that lend themselves to a performance advantage in all sport and physical tasks.

We specialise in not specialising. We do not create the fastest marathon runners, the strongest powerlifters, or the greatest gymnasts. But we aim to be able to perform well across all disciplines minimising weaknesses in any one area. Attempting to specialise in one discipline will inevitably result in a weakness across multiple others. For example, a marathon runner will sacrifice strength and power to improve their endurance, a powerlifter will create the opposite effect.


CrossFit is : “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement’. Functional movements are universal compound movements performed in a wave of contractions from core to extremity. Functional movements capacity to move large loads over long distances quickly qualify them for the production of high power. It is this that creates intensity. Intensity is the independent variable that maximises the rate of return for adaptation to exercise.

Creating a broad base to a program will bring about broad adaptation. We believe that in training routine is the enemy and constant variance is what prepares us best for the physical demands of life and sport.


We constantly measure the safety, efficacy and efficiency of our program. By keeping measurable, observable and repeatable data of our athletes, we are able to create ‘evidence based fitness’. We do not guess that you are fitter. We measure it.


CrossFit is ‘the Sport of Fitness’. We harness the camaraderie, competition and fun of sport to create an unmatched intensity. Working out for score allows us to not only create accurate records of reps, loads and time. It also builds a strong motivation for each workout.


CrossFit increases work capacity across broad time and modal domains. We see work capacity as the Holy Grail of performance improvement. VO2 Max, lactate threshold, body composition, strength and flexibility are all correlates of work capacity. As work capacity improves so do all these markers.


We strongly believe that CrossFit is the optimum method to improve human performance. Whether this be for a 20 year old athlete looking to maximise their athletic potential or a 70 year old wanting to improve their longevity and quality of life. The programme is infinitely adaptable and scalable to create incredible progress for every participant.




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