What Type of pusher upper are you?

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What Type of pusher upper are you?

Push-ups, great exercise for upper body strength. You might find loads of examples and different types of this body weight exercise - wide push-ups, close push-ups, from side to side ,low push-ups, push-ups with clap, elevated push-ups, hand stand, weighted , and many more! Like with every exercise you can have good or poor technique. Probably you thinking now …push-ups - it’s simple what I can do wrong with this. But it’s really easy to perform push-ups in bad way.

Let’s talk about push-ups common faults.


Insufficient depth - Full Range Of Motion means chest contact floor.

Incomplete lock-out

Top of push-up, elbows must be straight.


Sagging in the middle/snaking- If the athlete does not maintain core tension, his hips will sag, and his lower back hyper-extend . Body line must be straight from ankle to shoulder trough ROM.


Piked the hips-Hips are partially flexed to take the load of the arms. Once again straight body line - squeeze your butt!

Elbow winger

Elbows flare out-Elbows come too far away from the body, internally rotation the shoulder and possibly causingimpingement and pain. -Screw your hands in to the ground!

Elbows point in

-Elbows collapsing in toward the body indicate insufficient scapular stabilisation. Interestingly, it can also occur due to too much scapular retraction! -Shoulder back and down!


Head tilt back- Might cause lower back pain! - Straight Line from top of your head to ankles!

If you are not strong enough, you can try Box Push-ups. Good progression before push-ups, easy to learn and practice everywhere. It’s just the matter of time when you come from 30 inches box to floor level. Once on the ground -good set up position- To perform a standard push-up set up with your hands on the ground ahead of you, set about shoulder- width. Feet are together, with a slight pike in the hips. Squeeze your butt and abs to lock your body in straight line from ankle to shoulderand bring your shoulders forward over your hands. Remember - shoulders back and down.

Drive your elbows close to the rib cage until your chest will brush the ground. Abs and glutes should be locked in, shoulders packed, forearms vertical. Than push straight in to the ground until your elbows are fully extend.

It’s doesn’t matter what level of push up are you perform. Just remember to engage your core and hold nice straight line trough full ROM! Good luck !  

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