Why should pull ups be part of your work out?

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Why should pull ups be part of your work out?

How to perform a pull up exercise, crossfit chiltern
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Pull ups are a compound movement which work the large number of muscles in your back, shoulders and arms. The aim is to pull your body weight above the bar (chin or chest to the bar).

How to do a pull up

* Grip - should be shoulder width apart (over grasp)

* Hang - your legs should hand directly under your body in a straight line (feet off the floor)

* Pull - pull yourself by pulling your elbows to floor and chin above the bar

* Repeat - lower yourself under control until arms are straight, breathe and repeat


Negative pull up - set up as normal, pull, but on the lower take time and slowly count down from 10 to aim to fatigue.

Close grip pull up - same set up as a normal pull except grip will be so that palms are close to your face.

Pull up with leg raise - we have the same set up for a normal pull up but with this variation we have an extension of the hip and knee (straight line from the femur right through to the tibia/fibula) keep the legs straight throughout the raise and lower of the pull up.

Weighted pull up - We can use weight belts with chains to help increase the amount we lifting with pull ups (be careful when adding weight).

These are just a few variations that can help to introduce you into our programmes to build upper body strength.

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