Why Strength Matters

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Why Strength Matters

Why strength matters

Up until very recently cardio was considered the only way to get fitter. If you weren’t working for 20 minutes or more sweating and moving constantly then you weren’t improving your fitness. Building strength was considered only for sportsmen who need to be big or body-builders. Fortunately that belief is beginning to change.

Improving strength as part of your fitness regime is so important for health and longevity. Performed correctly it can have several benefits such as but not limited to:

·        Increased muscle tone – from an aesthetic standpoint this means you looking in better shape, everything feeling firmer and lifted. From the metabolic side this means your body is more energy dependant, meaning you burn more calories daily than previously. That’s why your buddy who is super lean can eat so much and not seem to get out of shape!

·        Increased bone density – Stronger and more resilient bones. As we age this density will reduce, unless we reverse the process by incorporating strength training.

·        Increased power output – This means faster running, higher jumping, hitting the ball harder farther in sport. Being stronger will transfer to any other activity in a positive fashion.

·        Improved range of motion – This is only true if you are doing large compound movements such as those found in CrossFit, with good form and to their full range of motion. If you do this with virtuosity, then you’ll see improvements in your mobility.

·        Renewed motivation – When you see your numbers for your lifts go up, your ability to do more advanced bodyweight movements and your speed in the MetCon’s improve you’ll gain huge satisfaction. Success creates motivation creates success.

In our training we build strength not just by doing strength work alone, but crucially by incorporating it into our metcons. That way we are getting much more bang for our buck. We can train our metabolic conditioning and improve strength, power, mobility, balance, coordination and more all in one session. There’s not many disciplines that can boast that!

If you’re new to working with weights you definitely shouldn’t be intimidated or nervous that you aren’t as strong as others. You are a lucky one, the untrained athlete will see the biggest improvements in the shortest amount of time. The first 18 months of your training you’ll be breaking personal bests most weeks. It’s the golden phase of training so come in, train hard and reap the rewards.


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