Why we do nutrition challenges

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Why we do nutrition challenges

I’ve spent over 10000 hours training clients and over that time I’ve learned how important nutrition is not improving your health and achieving great results with your training. This is why I introduced nutrition challenges to CrossFit Chiltern. We started with the No BS (Booze, sugar) challenge and this coming year we’ll be adding at least 2 more into our annual calendar.

Now in theory an optimum nutrition programme is one which you can stick to forever. However for most of us forever seems a very long time! Which is why having a fixed start and end date seems a little more achievable. The other benefit of running a challenge is that you can create really strict and clear rules and because you have a fixed time period people are willing to test themselves to complete the challenge.

If I told someone to never drink again I probably wouldn’t get the desired result from that client but if I were to give a 30 day window then it makes it far more realistic.

The purpose of each challenge is to create new better habits amongst our members. A no booze challenge may not get people off alcohol forever but it may result in them replacing midweek drinks with a non-alcoholic alternative. Cutting out sugar may make people realise their reliance on it and help them find other snacking options. Running a challenge to eat more fruit and veg can create a whole new attitude to nutrition.

In addition people may discover that they get leaner, that they feel better and perform to a higher level. This will help them be committed to eating better to achieve results.

 Stay tuned for the next challenge and actively participate. You’ll get a huge benefit from each one.

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