Why we love Olympic Lifting

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Why we love Olympic Lifting

- - Hi guys, I talk about why I love having Olympic lifting in my training and why you should learn to love it too. With CrossFit and with people I train I love to incorporate some of the Olympic lifts into what they do.  why? A lot of people ask why do we have Olympic lifting in our training because it's quite complicated, obviously, you must learn it, why can't we just do something simpler? Well there's a few reasons. We talk about CrossFit, well CrossFit is about getting fitter across a multitude of fitness domains.  


With Olympic lifting some of the stuff you're going to do in it are strength based, power, speed, coordination, balance is going to be in there as well, and you need good mobility.  you're getting at least six elements of fitness covered in one movement.  if you start doing these movements over and over you're also going to get some endurance in there as well.  

I love to have Olympic lifting in my training. A simple one to start with is a power clean, which is basically picking the bar up from the floor. I'll just demonstrate one for you here.

 My starting position is like that of a deadlift, okay? A little bit more up further than a traditional deadlift. Then from there I'm going to drive up. Up onto my shoulders there. That's probably the first movement we're going to teach people that start with Olympic lifting.   

Olympic lifting is something you need to be coached at before you just crack on with it. You can do some of the cleans, some of the other snatches, using dumbbells and kettlebells, and they can be a little bit simpler than with a barbell, but there's a more few benefits to doing Olympic lifting.

 The other thing is, this I think is important for people, is that it's a new skill for you to learn.  what happens to most people when they go to the gym and do the routine for a little while, they get bored and they quit. Well when you're learning Olympic lifting you must learn various positions, you must improve those positions, and you will see the results and you'll feel the results over time, and that gives you another goal to focus on besides that of just what's on the scales.  being as you're learning new skills, it's also great for the brain because you'll be training your brain to learn something new and there's a lot of benefit to doing that, to learning new things in your life.  

Having that satisfaction from learning a new skill, plus the benefit of all the elements of fitness you're going to train. Plus, Olympic lifts are very energy expensive. What I mean by that is that you're going to burn the most calories, you're going to get a lot of bang for your buck.  you're going to train all these elements without necessarily focusing on hypertrophy, so muscle size. Learned a little bit about that in the last video. I know that some people, some people don't want to get too massive, too big, too hench in Olympic lifting because of its nature, because it's multi joints, it's explosive.  because you're not going to do masses and masses of volume of it it's not going to cause you to get massively hench on its own.  

Therefore, you're going to train and you're going to get more toned, and you're going to get muscle definition but without size, without overdoing it on the size. Which I think is beneficial to a lot of people., Olympic lifting, a great skill to learn and a great element to use in the gym. Find a good coach, learn it, and I'm sure you'll love it.

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