Why you should enter the CrossFit Games

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Why you should enter the CrossFit Games

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I wanted to write something to respond to comments I always get when encouraging people to enter the CrossFit Open. These are usually the following:

I'm not fit enough

The Open does include 5 tough workouts that you need to complete. This is a chance for you to test yourself and set a standard that you can compare yourself with in years going forward. If you cap out for time or can't complete every movement one year then you can make it your goal to get these done in the future. What is going to be better than looking back a year and seeing how far you've come.

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I can't do Muscle ups, pull ups, Toes to Bar etc..

You know what, there's a lot of movements in CrossFit that a lot of people that enter the Open cannot do. All you need to do is look at previous years where people had to do handstand push ups or pull ups and check out how many scores stop at the point at which these are required. There is always a scaling option and Dave Castro (who sets the workouts) is clever in that if he programmes a tough movement even in the scaling option he sets that towards the end of the workout so that athletes will generally complete all the workout up to the point where they need to do the toughest movement. Last year it was pull ups in one workout and handstand push ups in another. So what if you have to spend the last 5 minutes of a workout trying to do one rep of a movement? What a great time to complete your first Pull up!! This is the time to try and achieve amazing PRs. Last year I notched up a PR snatch in one event. Just because the event forced me to try it! It's amazing what you can achieve when forced to try!!

I can't do the weights?

Well let's just check that fact. Last year these were the scaled weights for the workouts:


Men needed a 15kg Dumbbell Snatch. Ladies 10kg. Men over 60 needed 10kg.


Men needed a 15kg Dumbell Lunge and Power Clean, Ladies 10kg. Men over 60 need 10kg


Men 20kg Squat Snatch, Ladies and Men over 60, 15kg


Mens Deadlift 65kg, Ladies and Men over 60 45kg


Mens Thurster 30kg, Ladies and Men over 60 20kg

Even if there's one workout you can't complete (maybe Snatch??) if you complete even the 6 reps prior you still have a score. In 12 months you'll see this and wonder what the fuss was about on that weight!!

Can't I just do it without registering?

Well of course you can. But there's something really special about seeing your name on the same leaderboards as great CrossFit athletes like Matt Fraser and Tia Claire Toomey.  Plus making it official just seems to add that extra spice to your workout. My best example is You can run a race distance without entering a race but it's just not the same!

So stop making excuses and sign up here!!! 

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Want more reasons? Check out this blog at CrossFit.com

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Still don't want to sign up. Well why don't you get involved and help us out by becoming a Judge. Sign up here.


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