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Helen Livingstone

Coach and Massage Therapist


CrossFit level 1
Diploma in Personal Training and Massage Therapy
BSc Sport & Exercise Sciences

About Coach

I became a PT and massage therapist 17yrs ago and have gradually built my workload as my children have grown into teenagers. <br /> I’ve always been really sporty and was on most of the sports teams at school. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer up to national age group level which gave me a great amount of discipline and an excellent base level of fitness. I carried this through to adult life competing in triathlons and ultra-marathons and in 2019 completed an IronMan which was my proudest moment yet.

Turning Point

I’ve always struggled with self-belief & self-confidence but having children gave me a real purpose in life. With that my confidence grew and I challenged myself more by entering events to give me personal challenges and something for myself outside of being a Mum.<br /> When I then became a single parent to two young boys I realised how capable I was and how mentally strong I’d become. Starting with a sprint triathlon, then a middle distance, then half Iron man I challenged myself more and surprised myself with my determination and ability to dig in and keep going, ignoring that voice in the back of my mind telling me that it hurt and I wanted to stop!<br /> Many CrossFit workouts are a mini versions of such events and I’ve continued to learn to push myself in different ways and at different intensities over the last couple of years.

Motivation & Passion

Knowing what a positive impact training can have on both your mental and physical well-being motivates me to motivate others. Helping other people to feel better about themselves / their life in general. I know from personal experience how much exercise / training can help you through the challenges that life throws at you. Helping normal people navigate life is both rewarding and empowering and why I love what I do.

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