Coach Image

Jeremy Reilly


Deadlift: 200kg

Strict Press 77kg

5 Strict Ring Muscle Ups

10" Deficit Strict Handstand Press Up

Overhead Squat 92kg, Golf Professional


Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)
Functional Gymnastics Trainer - The Gymnastics Course
CF Kids Trainer
CF Masters Trainer
Personal Trainer Level 3
Exercise to Music Level 2
Indoor Cycling Instructor
Pre & Post Natal Fitness Training
CF Judges Certificate (2021)
CF Lesson Planning Certificate
CF Programming Certificate
CF Running Certificate
CF Scaling Certificate
CF Spot The Flaw Certificate
PGA Golf Professional
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Golf Fitness Instructor
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Golf Instructor
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Golf Fitness Instructor
Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Junior Coach

About Coach

At school, I was an average athlete who worked hard in all sports without excelling in any single discipline. My school sporting low light was being removed from doing gymnastics after crashing into the wooden vault! My highlight was winning the 400m in my final year and representing the school in the county championships. I left school to become a golf professional and turned Pro at age 19. Quickly I discovered I had the ability to coach I pursued this avenue of my golf career. A few years into my 24-year coaching career I began to realise the importance of athleticism in playing high-level golf. This led me to qualify first as a personal trainer and at the same time a TPI Golf Fitness expert. It was when I took an opportunity to set up a large training facility of my own that I discovered CrossFit. Originally thinking that it was a crazy, unsafe fitness fad. However, upon investigation, I began to understand that it was nothing of what I perceived and that it was singularly the most well-crafted solution to getting people fitter. This was the beginning of a love for the methodology. I truly believe CrossFit is the solution to getting the world fitter.

Turning Point

For me, I was never labelled sporty and my experience during school sports, especially higher-skilled sports were negative. Later in life, I understand that it was exceptionally poor coaching that led me to these negative beliefs. In fact, this continued with experiences working with golf coaches and fitness trainers. It was this that made me understand the influence that a good or bad coach can have on someone's development. It is because of this that I strive to make myself and my team of coaches dedicated to becoming the best they can be.

Motivation & Passion

I want to get my athletes to achieve their full potential. In most cases this is often far beyond what they believe themselves. This comes from giving them a mixture of what they want with what the truly need!

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