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Rita Cox


Handstand, Overhead mobility, eye for details and good movement


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate, Yoga Teacher, Acro Yoga Teacher (acrobatics, mobility and gymnastic skills), 6 years of movement and coaching experience with a strong focus on rehabilitation and handstand skills.

About Coach

After having a major car accident and having developed injuries on my right side I have decided to dive deeper to get to know my body. I have been experimenting with different yoga and movement styles including gymnastics, crossfit and calisthenics since 2015. Trained with many worldwide known teachers. is passionate about expanding her knowledge on both mental and physical and even physiology levels especially PTSD and PTG. I am keen to continuously develop my practice/training to offer versatile classes and teaching styles. I am an inversion junkie with a handstand addiction.

Turning Point

I moved countries, I had a few car accident, and I learned about my body through injuries. I am passionate about the neurological effect of any mental and physical stress. Everything is connected. To me training is both physical and mental. One cannot exist without the other.

Motivation & Passion

My aim is to empower you in and out of the box. Everything that we learn about our movement and body is relevant to how we show up in life. Breathe better, Move better, Be better.

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